'Rocket League' Mobile Could Launch for Android, iOS This 2021!
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) 'Rocket League' Mobile Could Launch for Android, iOS This 2021!

One major "Rocket League" update is that it could actually be coming to mobile really soon! The game is notably one of the largest hits when it comes to competitive gaming in the course of the last few years especially since it was acquired by one of the largest gaming companies in the business!

Epic VS Apple 'Rocket League' Game

According to the story by 9to5google, as of the moment, the whole Epic VS Apple trial documentation was actually what revealed that Epic Games reportedly plans to bring the popular "full game experience" of "Rocket League" to both Apple and Android.

One "highly confidential" slide that reportedly came from Epic Games was just posted by The Verge which then revealed some of the company's plans for the future of the popular game "Rocket League". After acquiring both the game and its own creator, Psyonix, Epic Games noted in the slide that it now has plans for two different products coming to mobile devices.

'Rocket League' Mobile Version

The very first of these was previously announced, the "Rocket League": Sideswipe, which is now reportedly in beta testing. The other one is another "full game experience" of "Rocket League" on mobile devices meaning both the Android and maybe the iOS as well. As of the moment, there aren't a lot of details here, but the upcoming "Rocket League Next" would reportedly put a new "next-generation client" with a generally full game experience across all of the platforms which would include mobile devices.

Apparently, the upcoming new version could actually be in alpha/beta on the mobile version "long" before the other platforms. It was noted that it is now possibly arriving to mobile devices as soon as this current quarter of 2021. With the whole Epic VS Apple situation getting messier and messier, the new "Rocket League" updates regarding a possible mobile version for iOS seems merky. Epic Games is currently engaged in a legal battle with Apple over the company's movements towards "Fortnite." 

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Epic Games Future of 'Rocket League'

As of the moment, it is still unknown whether or not the current beef between the two will directly affect the upcoming supposed "Rocket League" mobile version. Depending on the finalities of the current battle between Epic Games and Apple, the results of whether or not there would be an upcoming "Rocket League" mobile version coming to iOS could be affected.

The expansion of "Rocket League" to both Android and iOS, however, could really increase the number of users that the game has. It is still unknown what other platforms the game will be released on in the future. Although the game is relatively new, it is starting to become one of the most played games this 2021. The all time peak of the game was with 142,000 players all playing at the same time around the world. The players are still growing in number.

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