In yet another crossover mod, "Stranger Things," 'Among Us' brings us to the Upside Down.

The impostors are set to transform into one of these three monsters: the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, and the Demodogs. Thus, crewmates will have to hide in terror from them to stay alive and win over the monsters. 

Each monster will have its abilities for the impostor. It is a significant addition to the Kill and Sabotage skill.

However, not everyone is about to see the Demogorgon, as Among Us-Stranger Things mod is not available for the public. So @LooKuM / MRE created the mod for SSundee and his friends.

Therefore, other players will have to keep their fingers crossed that they will get a chance to join a server that had the Upside Down installed.

ScreenRant reported that given the popularity of the mod bringing the Mind Flayer in "Among Us," more will program something similar. And soon, we may, fingers crossed, enjoy it too.

If, however, you desperately fancy to have the Upside Down on "Among Us," you may opt for the long stretch of programming a clone of the mod yourself. If ever you do so, consider making it available for the public.

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'Among Us' 'Stranger Things:' How to Play?

Before anything else, here are the additional abilities of the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, and the Demodogs:

For the Demogorgon:

  • Feed: The Demogorgon could reach anyone on the map by its tongue to eat and kill them.
  • Shriek: It simply stuns the crewmate for a while. And after that, all the key bindings will be reversed for a few seconds. Before it freezes everybody's movements, the players will hear a shrieking sound, and the Demogorgon will jump on everyone's screen.

For the Demodog:

  • Hunt Down: The Demodog will be setting out an idle clone that could drag crewmates of the map and kill them. It is while the real impostor freely moves.

For the Mind Flayer:

  • Mist: It creates a mist that blurs the whole map; blinding everyone for 10 seconds.
  • Death Watch: As the name suggests, it will force everyone to watch the Mind Flayer devour its victim to death as it gathers the crewmates.
  • Crush: It allows the Mind Flayer to strangle and crewmates wildly from the floor.

Additionally, contrary to the normal 'Among Us' gameplay, crewmates will not report the dead bodies. To stop the monsters, they are limited to using the Emergency Button.

Take note that winning over the Upside Down creatures is excessively difficult because of their numerous abilities. Survivability is the name of the game. And to win, players will have to vote out the Impostor during Emergency Meetings.

"Among Us" had made a name in gaming in 2020. This could be attributed to Twitch streamers like Ninja, Pewdiepie, Sodapoppin, and Shroud, who have all played the game, Tech Times reported.

Furthermore, "Among Us" will, reportedly, hit the PS4 and PS5 in mid-2021.

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