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Last week, OnePlus launched a new software initiative called OneLab, similar to Google's Creative Lab. It is a startup-like division set up to create fun, interesting new apps and tools. 

The first of these experiments come in the form of Clpit, a cross-platform clipboard sharing tool that makes it easier to transfer text, images, and files across devices.

OnePlus Clipt Platform

OnePlus advertises Clipt as a solution for those who routinely copy data back and forth from their phone to their computer. Some people rely on cloud storage, email, or some other rather cumbersome method Android Police. 

Clipt is supposed to make it easy to transfer images, files, and text between devices, though there is a severe limitation on Android. 

Clipt suffers from the same issue that limits any other clipboard syncing service on Android 10 and newer. The update restricted access to the Android clipboard, which is why OnePlus can add text and images to the phone's clipboard, but it can't read what the user store in it. 

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That means that if the user wants to copy text from their phone to their computer, they first have to paste it into Clipt, according to News Combo

At least Clipt makes that easy with a permanent notification, though most users preferred a more elegant solution, which is a fast setting toggle. Text copied to their computer's clipboard is instantly available on their phone. 

How Clipt Works

With that out of the way, OnePlus also promises that it does not store the user's data on its servers in the transfer process. Instead, users need to sign in with their Google account so that Clipt uses their Google Drive storage. 

In order to keep the footprint small, Clipt will only save the latest ten files or snippets that is shared, deleting older ones automatically, according to Creator Empire. 

During setup, users need to go through some series of permissions surrounding their Drive storage, but OnePlus writes that Clipt can only download the files that it creates as it is siloed, so there is no need to worry about Drive files leaking on the internet. 

Using the app for a few hours, there are some quirks that users would like to see addressed. For example, users have pointed out that they can't turn off the clipboard sync itself and use the service proactively only, especially for images and files. 

That feature might be counterintuitive, but some users barely need to move actual text from their browser to their phone. Some find the notification that keeps popping up in their phone when they copy things locally on their laptop annoying. 

Turning off the Clipt notification in Android system settings does not seem feasible because the app does not have clearly labeled notification channels, making it a bit complicated. 

Also, users need to sign in with the Google account they are using for Chrome when installing the browser extension. That might be an issue for some users.

Fortunately, OnePlus stated that if the product turns out to be a success, it could go for a standalone solution that does not rely on Google.  

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