No Vaccine No Entry | Over 100 US Colleges & Universities Require Students to Get Vaccinated
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A number of college students are reportedly hesitant about receiving the new COVID-19 vaccination, and they might have to rethink their decisions. Since a lot of colleges in the United States move toward the end of the current spring semester, a brand new procedure is now taking shape for their reported return.

US Colleges and Universitiies to Require Students to be Vaccinated

According to the story by Kvia, over 100 US colleges and universities reportedly stated that they will be requiring their students to get vaccinated against the dreaded COVID-19 well before they can return to the campus for the upcoming fall semester, according to the reports of a CNN tally. Some time earlier this month, the tally actually indicated that there will be at least 14 different universities and colleges that were adopting this new policy.

Ever since then, there have reportedly been dozens of higher educational institutions that have decided to jump on the whole bandwagon, demonstrating the actual trajectory of vaccine requirements. A number of schools have noted that they will be making exemptions for religious, medical, or personal reasons.

Only Vaccinated can Enter

Just recently, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Drew University, Washington State University, and even the University of Portland were among the number of institutions to join the list. A number of schools adopting the policy are actually private. However, some public schools have adopted the policy as well.

The university said in a previous statement that consistent with the increasing consensus of colleges and universities all around the country, UMass Lowell will reportedly require all of the commuter and residential students to be fully vaccinated  before beginning the fall semester. They will require students to be COVID-19 vaccinated to live, learn, or even visit any of the UMass Lowell campus or property.

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Demographic of Those Not Wanting to Get Vaccines

The University of Portland decided to take the policy even further and announced that students, faculty, and staff will be receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. The statement from University of Portland stated that they recognize that not all of the areas of the country or the world actually have equity in access to the COVID-19 vaccine. They reportedly note that they commit to providing assistance to their employees and students.

Quinnipiac University poll reportedly found 36% of adults well under the age of 35 actually do not plan to get vaccinated. This is actually a problem because COVID-19 cases as well as hospitalizations have reportedly been increasing. According to CNN, younger adults, where most are not vaccinated, account for the whole uptick. This was according to the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Rutgers University in New Jersey had reportedly become the one of the first universities to mandate the use of coronavirus vaccines for their students ahead of the coming fall semester. It is now expected that the other institutes would potentially follow suit.

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