Apple, in a recent survey with its users, hinted about blood glucose monitoring. It may suggest that the next Apple Watch would carry the feature in 2022. 

Apple sent out the new survey to Apple Watch users in Brazil to learn more about how they monitor their health data, 9to5Mac reported. The website was able to obtain a screenshot of the survey from a Brazilian reader. 

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Apple is Curious Which Feature Is Most Used 

More specifically, the Cupertino company queried about other apps its users utilize to monitor medication, eating habits, and, the recently reported, blood sugar levels. 

The survey on its health dedicated features section surveyed about current watchOS features. Some of them were: stand-up reminders, the Workout app, activity rings, and step counting. In addition, Apple wanted to know from their users which of the said features are highly used. 

The said features above are why Apple Watch has been popular to today's consumers, 9to5 claimed in its report. 

It even stretches to the extent of detecting cardiovascular diseases through the data it emits, a Stanford study suggests. 

Apple and Third-Party Apps 

Afterward, Apple also asked about which features from third-party apps are users favoring. Among the survey options mentioned tracking workouts and monitoring eating habits, which included hydration and nutrition, medications, and blood glucose levels. 

The mentioned features are not available on the smart wearable of Apple. But, one of it concerning blood sugar was hinted at before

The said feature has been speculated since a United Kingdom startup in an SEC filing suggested the next features of the Apple Watch. 

Apple Watch and Needleless Glucose Monitoring

Aside from the needleless blood sugar monitoring, the mentioned features are alcohol levels tracking and blood pressure tracking. 

Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that 1 out of 10 Americans have encountered diabetes. These patients will soon enjoy, if the rumors are true, a needle-free tracking of blood sugar. 

Thus, it is safe to say that a feature like this would be significant development not just for Apple Watch, but for the general public too. 

Apple Hinting New Features 

Some may find the incident of hinting at a new feature in a survey familiar. This is because, as iMore reported, Apple, in the past, surveyed its users if they used the wall charger and earphones from the box of their newly purchased iPhone. 

Afterward, Apple removed both accessories from the iPhone box. Users will now need to buy them separately. It was, after all, based on a survey from its users. 

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