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Microsoft Edge for Android will soon get a new feature that will automatically apply available coupons on e-commerce websites to help users save some money. The feature is live on the latest Microsoft Edge Canary release for Android.

Microsoft Edge Coupon Feature

Microsoft introduced price comparisons in Edge last week as part of its Collections feature, but this new coupon experience goes further. It is a part of a massive push by Microsoft to position Edge as the browser for online shopping, but the comparisons and coupons only work for the US users as of now.

In the latest Microsoft Edge Canary release for Android, users should spot a new experimental flag on edge://flags called "Shopping site Coupons."

Once enabled, this flag will add a new "Coupons" toggle in the Microsoft Edge settings. Users can turn it on to enable the new Coupons feature, which will automatically recommend coupons whenever users visit a supported retailer's website.

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Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 recently shared a couple of screenshots highlighting the new Coupons feature. The address bar on Microsoft Edge for Android will show a new coupon icon whenever the browser finds coupons for the current website.

Tapping on the coupon icon will bring up a "Shopping in Microsoft Edge" pop-up that lists all the available coupons.

Users can either copy and paste the codes listed in the window at checkout, or users can let Microsoft Edge automatically try them out to determine which one offers the most savings.

The coupons features in Microsoft Edge Canary for Android is not an entirely new one. Microsoft rolled it out to Microsoft Edge for desktop back in November 2020, and it is now finally making its way to the Android app.

Users can try it out by downloading the latest Microsoft Edge Canary release for Android on Google Play Store, according to XDA Developers.

From Online Shopping to Student Use

If you are not interested in online shopping, Microsoft Edge is also getting some productivity improvements that are very useful for students, according to The Verge.

The internet giant is adding in the ability to annotate and to add text notes to PDFs, which is a highly requested feature.

According to Microsoft's statement, inking is making a return to Microsoft Edge one of the top requested features. As part of the new screenshot tool, users will now be able to digitally ink and annotate screenshots.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to capture a full webpage in a screenshot, and will be launched within this year, Neowin reported.

Most existing screenshot tools simply screenshot what users see without the ability to capture an entire webpage or scroll as users grab the screen.

The new Edge screenshot tool will automatically scroll down a webpage so you can capture everything in a single image.

Word and Outlook will also handle copied URLs from Edge a lot more elegantly soon. Microsoft will shorten the long links into friendly URLs when users copy links from the address bar in Edge, and paste them into Word or Outlook.

That is useful if users do not want to use or another link shortening service, and users will also be able to switch back to the longer URL in the Word or Outlook context menus.

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