Facebook Loses 30% Downloads as TikTok Numbers Go Up!
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Facebook Loses 30% Downloads as TikTok Numbers Go Up!

Facebook is currently struggling to convince both new and their long time users to decide to enable tracking apps. It now seems that this isn't the single thing that has been affecting the company as another competitor looks like it is taking a chunk of downloads from the popular application.

Facebook Drops 30%

As shown by AppFigures, a certain app analysis firm, Facebook's social media application Facebook has reportedly lost a whopping 30% of its downloads both in google Play as well as the App store in comparison to last year! The analyst then notes that Facebook's mobile app has actually recorded an average of about 15 million downloads each week back in May 2020.

The app, however, is now not even surpassing 11 million downloads on both the Android and iOS numbers combined. Quite interestingly, the first significant drop in Facebook downloads happened back in June of 2020 which was right after Apple had announced the new iOS 14 that came with a lot of new privacy features.

Facebook Loses Downloads

According to the statement shown in the story by 9to5mac, in May 2020, Facebook's downloads for both the Facebook flagship as well as the lite apps had averaged a whopping 15M every single week. This is across both Google Play and the App Store and was based on the analysts' estimates.

It was found that by June, the number had then dropped down to 13M and fast forward to the recent April 2021, the number is now simply roaming well under 11M. AppFigures now point out that Facebook has reportedly seen some slopes when it comes to downloads before.

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TikTok Growing Downloads

This is the very first time in a really long time, however, that the numbers have reportedly dropped considerably for just over a year. While the reasons aren't really disclosed by the company officially, the analyst firm connects the dots and now believes that this could actually be mostly related to the general growth of TikTok!

The firm also revealed that TikTok now remains to be the most-downloaded app in both Google Play and the App Store. The app reportedly has a total of a whopping 52 million downloads back in April 2021 alone. Just on the iOS App Store, Facebook has reportedly recorded just 9.9 million downloads last month while TikTok was able to get a massive 15.9 million downloads!

Privacy is one of the concerns that have caused a number of users to decide to stay directly away from Facebook. Since the new iOS 14 was previously introduced with a number of different privacy features, the company that was led by Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly taken a stand against a number of changes that were imposed by Apple. The changes would reportedly include the App Tracking Transparency option as well as the privacy labels given on the App Store.

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