The gaming community continues to grow. Since many people stay at home and most of them spend time on internet activities, either playing games or just browsing on their social media updates or watching videos. It is common knowledge that too much screen time causes negatives effects--among them is having poor eyesight.

Gamers are more prone to develop a poor vision. Besides, too much use of digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers can lead to short-term negative effects on your eye health, including eye strain, headaches, dry eyes. Apart from that, it may cause fatigue in your shoulders and neck.

Fortunately, Zenni's gaming eyeglasses Blokz for Gamers are designed for heavy gamers. These glasses are stylish, and its Zenni's Blokz lens technology help prevents eye strain by blocking the blue light. ht.

Zenni is sponsoring an upcoming E-sports series, Super Girl Gamer Pro, that centered around female gamers.

To know more about Zenni, watch our interview.

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