Since its sensational announcement about shutting down the smartphone business, LG seems to be headed in a different direction when it comes to its products. Recently, the South Korean company has released the lineup of the 2021 smart speakers which feature a lot of support for AirPlay 2, as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

There are five new soundbars that will hit the market soon. The said products will guarantee the users with much smoother sound quality, and a developed multiple channel immersion.

LG 2021 Soundbar Lineup Now Completed

LG 2021 Soundbar Unveils Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Features --Three Other Devices Now Support AirPlay 2
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According to a report by Jed John Ikoba of Gizmochina on Wednesday, Apr.7, the upcoming soundbars will provide long-lasting connectivity to other devices. They will also come with eco-friendly packaging and design.

It is also noteworthy to jot down its highly-developed immersion for multi-channels when incorporated with LG's AI Sound Pro technology. You can now also feel the vibe of DTS:X and Dolby Atmos through the emergence of 3D-Audio Technology.

Moreover, the soundbars are reportedly arriving with their boasted sleek appearance which could be an ambient addition for a room. Particularly when they are arranged together with the smart TV, the soundbars could yield an impressive sound output.

Other than that, they would also feature support for voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri, which now welcomes the new voices beside the default female voice. The voice support will also serve more purposes in the smart speakers through instructing clear and convenient commands.

Furthermore, the LG soundbars will also support Bluetooth 5.0, eARC input, and USB. It was also revealed that the models will be Hi-Res audio certified for lossless playback.

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LG Soundbars Will Also Feature AirPlay2

LG 2021 Soundbar Unveils Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Features --Three Other Devices Now Support AirPlay 2
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Apple Support)

Apple Insider reported that the three soundbar models, SP11RA, SP9YA, and SP8YA will accentuate an AirPlay 2 support used for streaming. Through this feature, you can now stream from your Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

AirPlay 2 could also control all devices that are connected to the soundbars, and it could also combine with the other smart home speakers for a highly-synced home sound.

On top of that, they also support digital voice assistants, as well as an AI room calibration, which optimizes the audio by estimating the room's dimensions.

LG Soundbars Launch Date and Where

The five smart devices will come to North America and Europe for their global launch in late April. It is also expected that more soundbars will arrive this year.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, the people are forced to stay in the comfort of their homes. This has led to an increased demand for gadgets and devices last year.

While the economies are on the verge of dropping, people should still maintain safety while enjoying what's inside their homes. The introduction of another set of soundbars would help the people to relax for a moment. They could also be useful during virtual meetings since in-person conferences are not allowed now.

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