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(Photo : Pixabay/Olichel) Call of Duty warzone update

"Call of Duty: Warzone" update brings a lot of new content like "Rambo" and "Die Hard" skins, several Verdansk map changes, the Combat Bow killstreak and Ballistic Knife, a Limited Time Mode called Power Grab, and more.

With Season 3 of the video game being just about halfway done, Activision and Raven Software will be rolling out another major update for the battle royale, one that includes some significant changes and a lot of new content.

Headlining the patch are new cosmetics themed after "Rambo" and "Die Hard," including Rambo himself and John McClane coming to the game as Operators.

Rambo and Die Hard Operator Bundles

The Rambo bundle includes the iconic character as an Operator, two Finishing Moves, three Legendary Weapon Blueprints, a Calling Card, Emblem, Watch, and Charm, according to Polygon.

As for Die Hard, not only will players get John McClane as an Operator, but also a Finishing Move, four Legendary Weapon Blueprints, Calling Card, Emblem, Watch, and Charm.

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While it is rare to see any major map changes in Warzone midway through a season, that is exactly what players are getting with the update for "Call of Duty: Warzone."

There are three main ones worth highlighting: "Die Hard's" Nakatomi Plaza tower added in Downtown, numerous campsites being replaced with Rambo-themed Survival Camps, and a new CIA Outpost added in place of one of the aircraft hangers in the northwest sector of Verdansk.

The Combat Bow is coming to "Call of Duty: Warzone" as a brand-new Killstreak that players will be able to buy directly from Buy Stations, as per EuroGamer.

The arrows will be explosive, meaning the players can use them to cause massive damage to enemy squads and vehicles.

There is also the Ballistic Knife, which was added in "Black Ops Cold War" at the start of Season 3 but delayed for "Call of Duty: Warzone" until the midseason update, IGN reported.

'Warzone' Power Grab LTM

Power Grab is a new Limited Time Mode coming to Verdansk. Here is a breakdown of how this LTM works:

The starting circle is smaller than normal and it only has five stages and No Gulag system when the player is dying. Also, teammates can be brought back only through Buy Stations or Dog Tags.

Enemies will drop a Dog Tag when killed, the more Dog Tags that you collect, the more rewards you can unlock.

The Reward Ladder will show you what you unlock next. The new LTM has UAV, respawn token, advanced gas mask, and specialist bonus.

Both the patch and new content will be going live at the same time in "Warzone," which will be on May 19 at 9 PM Pacific Time, meaning the update will come overnight into the morning of May 20 for most of the world.

The company posted the global release times.

On May 19, it will be released on 9 PM Pacific Time and 11 PM Central Time. It will be released 12 AM Eastern Time on May 20, 5 AM UK time on May 20, 6 AM in Europe in May 20, and 2 PM in Australia in May 20.

This is only for the "Warzone" side of things in this specific update, as the "Black Ops Cold War" Season 3 has its own patch that is coming in the next few weeks.

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