Opera GX Mobile Release Date | Gaming Browser Gets Android and iOS Versions
(Photo : Screenshot From Opera Official Website) Opera GX Mobile Release Date | Gaming Browser Gets Android and iOS Versions

Opera GX mobile could be coming soon, with the beta version already being tested as of the moment! Although the Opera GX mobile is currently still in beta mode, gamers might be able to expect the final product sometime soon, depending on how the testing goes out.

Opera GX Mobile Coming Soon

Opera GX has been launched by Opera for some time now. It is self-described as a gaming browser and considered a gaming browser by many. Although it's actually pretty much the same thing as the normal Opera, there are a few extra features that appease enthusiasts and the general gaming crowd.

According to  XDA-Developers, some of the Opera GX features are actually pretty much gimmicks like the overall "true gamer" aesthetic that can even RGB sync with Razer Chroma RGB. Deep down, however, the Opera GX does have a few useful features.

Is Opera GX better than opera? 

The Opera GX comes with its own CPU and RAM limiter, which would allow the browser to keep tabs on excessive resources while in use. It also comes with an automatic built-in VPN as well as an ad-blocker which can easily integrate with certain services like Twitch and Discord. The browser is finally getting its own smartphone release.

The upcoming Opera GX Mobile was just recently announced by none other than Opera and is currently in its beta stage. The mobile browser is expected to come with certain features like the GX Corner, which will allow gamers to easily see a game release calendar as well as get the latest news when it comes to the whole gaming ecosystem.

The Opera GX Mobile will also reportedly get deals and links to certain games as well. The browser is also expected to come with the same "gamer" aesthetic that is pretty commonplace in the desktop version of the Opera GX browser and the "Flow," which is a feature that would allow users to send files, photos, links with their PC and vice-versa.

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Opera GX Mobile Download

File transfer is provided as long as users sync their PC with their smartphone. It would also support certain one-handed navigation with the haptic feedback along with a feature called the FAB or the Fast Action Button.

The browser is currently available in beta mode for both Android and iOS. The new beta version is now not yet available on the App Store or on Google Play. Users can reportedly get the app directly from Opera themselves by clicking the links shown below.

Opera GX Mobile Android Version

Opera GX Mobile iOS Version

It is also important to note that in order to try the Opera GX Mobile beta version for iOS, users will have to have the TestFlight installed. The TestFlight can easily be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The Opera GX Mobile release date is expected to come soon after the beta period.

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