Florida, under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, has signed the law that goes against "de-platforming" or censoring politician's social media accounts and keeping them off the platforms. This means that it is possible that Facebook and Twitter would lift the ban on several known blocks which it has done in the past years.

Getting censored and blocked on social media platforms may mean that a person has done grievous things to gain that kind of ban in a place where all people can connect and learn from one another. This might mean that the blocked person has spread misinformation or brought a lot of violations against the "Community Guidelines" of said social media networks.

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Florida Governor De Santis Signs Law Against 'Deplatforming'

In the recent press release by Governor DeSantis at the Florida International University of Miami, the state has now passed on the SB 7072 bill that prohibits de-platforming on social media by Big Tech companies. The Florida governor said that this is against those in Silicon Valley which controls much of the digital world, especially as they mostly have stakes as owners of these platforms.

This campaign of Florida and Gov. DeSantis is to "Stop Big Tech Censorship" and provide people a free and reachable social media platform, despite not being a politician or stakeholder in massive corporations.

Moreover, Gov. DeSantis also said that Florida will hold a fine over social media companies which will ban people for $250,000 daily. The statement means that for every day that a person is banned, a $250,000 fine would be added until they are allowed back on the platform.

What Does This Mean for Blocked Politicians in Facebook, Twitter?

Currently, the law is effective on Florida and its constituents, meaning that this would only apply to native or relocated citizens of Florida, and this requires years of living in the state. In the case of former President Donald Trump, he could either ask for help under Florida's jurisdiction or wait for his home state to adopt the same laws.

For Florida's citizens, it could mean that their block or ban from social media will soon return to the reestablishment of their accounts, or else Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms would have to endure the quarter of a million fine.

No other states have expressed their intent to follow the footsteps of Florida to go against the Big Tech companies like Facebook or Twitter, amidst this issue which is gaining notice from various people. However, with states or even SC Justices that share the same belief, it would not be long for them to catch up and create the anti-deplatforming or censorship bill.

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