A new set of Tesla updates awaits the users. The upgrade covers the Powerwall which now comes with features that revamp Tesla's Virtual Power Plant and Energy Plan. Aside from that, there are other top-notch changes that the automaker has released.

While Tesla is popular for its electric vehicles, the company also has other products including the Powerwall. Now, let's take a look at some updates that it recently brought to the official mobile app of Tesla.

Tesla App Version 3.10.12 and Powerwall Firmware Version 21.13.2 Release Notes

Tesla Launches Software Update for Powerwall,Virtual Power Plant and Energy Plan--Here's the Complete Release Notes
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Tesla Ford with Powerwall.

The lithium-ion battery energy storage, Powerwall receives an important series of updates earlier this week. Tesla has divulged the Tesla App Version 3.10.12, as well as the Powerwall version 21.13.2.

The following are the changes that are implemented in line with the newly released update of Tesla.

  • A push notification will be sent for the reduction of the home loads during the grid outage. It will be activated when the Powerwall's charge level becomes low.

  • Tesla unveils the newly-developed behavior of the Powerwall during the backup

  • Added features including the monitoring, troubleshooting, and miscellaneous notifications intended for "solar-only" sites" which are prone to several issues.

  • In the Tesla Virtual Power Plant and Tesla Energy Plan, there are now Powerwall systems that are installed which show more details about the app's programs.

  • In regards to Tesla's home battery pack, the company has made a lot of improvements--the most important update tackles the integration of both Tesla Virtual Power Plant and Energy Plan.

  • Over the last few years, the company has made several steps to further its effort to become a "decentralized global electric utility."

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In 2020, Tesla has started its plans to construct the company's Energy Plan in collaboration with UK-based electricity and gas supplier, Octopus Energy.

"The Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff specifically designed for homes with solar and Powerwall installed, offering 100% clean electricity and savings of up to 75% compared to Big 6 tariffs, based on the electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year. Electricity bills will differ based on usage," Tesla said in a report by Electrek on Monday, May 24.

Tesla Expands Virtual Power Plant and EnergyPlan in Australia

The Palo Alto-headquartered company is gearing for another development to fully expose the capability of the Powerwall. In Australia, the expansion of the Tesla Virtual Power Plant and Tesla Energy Plan has paved the way to the increasing service of the virtual power plant.

The latest update in Powerwall has led to a more high-end Powerwall 2+. According to Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, the company has been focusing on its Tesla Energy which is now making waves around the world wide. Most importantly, it could help car manufacturing to boom at an instant rate.

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