Pokemon fans have been waiting a long time for the remake of "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl," both Gen IV Pokemon games. The classic game titles are now saving some spark for their successful re-release--this time with the upcoming remodeled "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl."

It started in February when the announcement was revealed in a Pokemon Presents event. The presentation said that the revamped versions will be unveiled at a later date this year. Since the report, Nintendo has been tight-lipped about their possible updates and features.

'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl' Expectations Ahead of Release

'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond' &'Pokemon Shining Pearl' Rumored to Come in E3 2021: What Other Pokemon Games Will Arrive?
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"Pokemon Shining Pearl" and "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond"

According to Gamerant, both the Gen IV remakes have been sending loud uproars among loyal Pokemon fans who eye for their improved editions. Now that we are sure that we are finally getting them this year, we are also expecting some new changes that we could see inside them

The Sinnoh region-focus games will have a chibi-like art style for the characters. Moreover, the game will restore the original map of the region, but huge revelations could come by surprise as we head into 2022.

In the next months, Pokemon cartridge lovers could expect more engaging graphics and fight scenes. The appearance of the two Pokemon franchises on Nintendo Switch could tell a lot of possible improvements that could be carved.

According to the popular YouTuber, Aero, the next Pokemon Presents could come in June, together with action-packed updates for the upcoming Pokemon remakes.

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The event will kick off on 2021's E3 in line with Nintendo's plans to disclose other important notifications with the other games. From Jun. 12 to 15, the annual event will be spitting some note-worthy news about "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Pokemon Shining Pearl."

To date, there is no declaration from the Japanese company if the yearly occasion will be settled in the first two weeks of June. Just in time of the rumor mill, fans have no idea that the fresh guidelines could be just around the corner after this week.

What Other Pokemon Games Could Be Announced in E3 2021?

Along with "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Pokemon Shining Pearl," we could possibly spot the imminent "Pokemon Unite MOBA" which will be released on Android devices."Pokemon Legends: Arceus" which will be accessible on Switch in 2022 is reportedly coming in the event as well.

So far the Nintendo E3 2021 could deliver insurmountable news from the best video game publishers around the world. We could be thinking right now why the company is not yet teasing any hint ahead of the June opening.

What's sure is we would be more excited about the new remakes that once molded our childhood experience. Even though it takes months or a year, the true-blue fans could only wait for their favorite video game on a different console this time.

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