Tesla is asking for your help for Gigafactory Berlin. It is intended to generate "graffiti" art designs or recommendations to cover an entire side of the German plant. Initially, Elon Musk has said that Giga Berlin's plain, white side of the building, will be intended for graffiti, with people thinking it was only a joke.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin
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However, that is not the case now, and it is more legitimate than ever, especially as the crowdsourcing or ads for the graffiti art design for Giga Berlin was tweeted by the official Tesla account. If Musk were the one to have tweeted it, the statement would initially be taken as a joke or something which is leaning closer to a joke than it is to reality.

Why is that? Because Musk is known as the meme king, which has been what he established for himself via social media, so it is hard to discern if the CEO is telling the truth unless there is concrete evidence for it. Focusing more on Tesla's latest innovations, the company and its CEO has revealed "Visiono" with Level 5 autonomy, which is a massive one for its EVs.

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Giga Berlin's Graffiti Art Commission from Twitter

(Photo : Photo by Алексей Васильев from Pexels)

It is unclear whether Tesla wants "graffiti" art or street art because these two are different forms of art, says Columbia. The former focuses on the use of words and images to convey the message and "art" which the artist wants to say, while the latter is mainly focused on images or abstract designs to convey messages or art itself.

According to Tesla's official Twitter account (@Tesla), it would be to help cover up Giga Berlin's plain white side of the building, and by help, it suggests that it would be a free commission. This opportunity would be a chance to showcase one's work on the side of Giga Berlin, especially as it gets approved by Tesla, and might even earn one a chance to go to the Gigafactory.

People Wants Doge to Be on Giga Berlin's Walls

In the following tweets and suggestions of the public, several Tesla fans have been suggesting to put "Doge" or the Shiba Inu dog that is popular in memes on Giga Berlin. While some are pointing out the meme itself, several fans focus on promoting Dogecoin through Tesla's sidewall on its first Europe plant.

It seems that Tesla and Elon Musk would not push through with the Doge suggestions, which they have been spammed with, but nothing is set to stone, so entries sent through e-mail might have the chance. There are no specific dates as for the design's deadline, and the suggestion box for graffiti art is open for people to send forth their take.

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