Target PS5 Restock Date and Time Announced | How to Get the Sony Console Online
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) Target PS5 Restock Date and Time Announced | How to Get the Sony Console Online

Target PS5 restock announced ahead of time. With the increasingly difficult situation for gamers to buy the new PlayStation 5, any announcement ahead of time is a big help as gamers will be able to move before the official launch to increase their chances of buying the console.

Sony PS5 Restock Online

Sadly, scalpers are making the situation much harder for buyers to get their PS5 online stock through the use of bots to automatically update them as well and even put down their order. Scalpers work by buying up all stock available and reselling the consoles at jacked-up prices that go as high as twice or sometimes more than twice the original MSRP.

One thing that buyers can do in order to purchase the console is to follow a PS5 restock tracker in order to get automatic notifications whenever new stock is available online. Although the buyers have to put in the orders for the console manually, the help of PS5-restock Twitter accounts at least increases their chances.

PS5 Tracker Online

According to a certain PS5 tracker online, a new Target PS5 restock could be coming soon. This at least gives buyers time to prepare and move fast when the new console suddenly becomes available online.

The PS5 Drop on Twitter notes that the account's source suggests that Target will be dropping tomorrow morning between 7AM EST and 9AM EST. The account notes that it will be updating when the PS5 stock online officially drops.

PS5 Scalpers Online

While scalpers get a bad name, there are actually certain consoles being sold at reasonable prices from scalpers at prices that aren't too far from the original MSRP. The account @tyreereed16 notes that they have purchased the PS5 disc version and wanted to sell the console on eBay for a whopping $570.

The global semiconductor shortage has reportedly made buying the PlayStation 5 online really hard as the demand for the console has been more than the manufacturers can supply. The global chip shortage is expected to continue well into next year despite manufacturers trying to ramp up their efforts in dealing with the supply.

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Global Semiconductor Shortage 2021

The shortage has affected more than just the supply of Sony's PlayStation 5 or Microsoft's Xbox Series X but also other industries as well. Aside from electronics, the automobile industry is now suffering from a chip shortage affecting their supply of new cars this 2021.

With the massive demand for electronics, chip manufacturers are still struggling to keep up with the growing demand, and despite their constant expansions, the global chip shortage is still expected to last for quite some time before the supply is fixed. Another product that has deeply been affected is GPUs. Aside from scalpers, buyers have to compete against cryptocurrency miners as well since they require a number of GPUs to mine.

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