Tesla Cybertruck
(Photo : Gods of Luxury/YouTube) Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cyber Truck
(Photo : Tesla) Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk and Tesla wants that to change Texas law that requires a car to be sold to third-party sellers before shipping to owners. It would need to ship its Giga Texas-built cars outside before going back to the state. Moreover, the state of Texas' legislature only meets for a limited time once every other year, and for 2021, they only have until Monday, May 31 for addressing laws.

Tesla Cybertruck
(Photo : Gods of Luxury/YouTube)
Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk must have considered all the possibilities for Texas' vehicle commerce and landscape, seeing even this law which requires third-party sellers or distributors for the purchase of the cars. However, that has not changed since the CEO relocated there, which was conveniently when the legislature would convene for the year 2021.

The Tesla Cybertruck is intended for its production to take place in Gigafactory Texas in Austin, which already faces more than a million reservations and counting for the pickup EV.

The challenge would be when cars roll out of Giga Texas' doors, as they would either have to be sold to distributors or car dealerships before their arrival to car owners.

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Tesla: Giga Texas Out, Third-Party In, Owner

Tesla Cyber Truck
(Photo : Tesla)
Tesla Cybertruck

There is a peculiar setup in the Lone Star state, and it is something that requires everyone to comply, as its law is helping the economy in all the vehicle sales for native Texans. The law requires people to buy from resellers, distributors, or local third-party dealerships for their EVs, or they would have to buy it outside of Texas than have it delivered.

Elon Musk Wants Law to Change

According to Musk via Twitter (@elonmusk), the law in Texas should change, and to do that, they need to appeal to Texas' legislature and concerned people for this to see a difference in the lawbooks. Tesla wants the law to change, and it is to help people for a better and more efficient purchase of a car, instead of going through the loopholes of the law.

It was revealed that people were avoiding the law by purchasing their cars on direct dealerships outside the state, then having them delivered to their respective addresses, which is a waste of time, money, and effort. Not only that, it is not a sustainable method, as it uses energy or fuels (ICE cars) for this matter.

According to The Drive, this will likely be the setup for Tesla's EVs which would come from Giga Texas for the remainder of 2021 until 2023, which is when the legislators of Texas would meet again.

Texas Legislature to Meet Again in 2023

The Texas legislators have a unique way of addressing the state's procedures, and it can only happen once every two years, meaning that the last meeting they had was in 2019. The current meeting happened again for 2021, which gave them 140 days for this venture, starting last January 12, and would have its last day by Monday, May 31.

After next Monday's meet, the legislators would take leave and resume their proceedings by 2023, ergo the year skip. This has been the setup for Texas for a lot of years now, and people would only hope that their concerns be addressed at the meetings which happen once every two years.

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