Tesla is now officially releasing a particular "driver monitoring system" through the use of its cabin-facing camera in order to make sure that drivers are paying attention whenever they are using the car's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving package features. It's a type of feature that Tesla had inexplicably taken its time before releasing.

Tesla Activates Cabin-Facing Camera

According to the story by Engadget, the cabin-facing camera has actually been inside the vehicle for some time now. The automaker, however, hasn't really used it yet. Automakers are now generally implementing certain cabin-facing cameras to use for driver monitoring while also using driver-assist features just like Supercruise of GM.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, has previously dismissed the particular use of a certain camera-based driver monitoring system and even stated that Tesla could be using its cabin-facing camera in order to prevent people from vandalizing EVs when they are driving automatically on Tesla's new self-driving robotaxi network. Some time last year, Tesla activated the car's camera for the very first time in a new software update.

Tesla Software Update

The software update asked people to allow the automaker to take certain pictures and videos in order to "develop safety features" as well as enhancements in the future on a completely voluntary basis. Lately, the camera has actually been discussed more often after it was found that Tesla removed some owners from its official FSD beta program.

The removal was done after determining that the owners weren't really paying enough attention when the system was being used. The removal then posed another question being asked which is if Tesla can determine that certain drivers aren't really paying attention, shouldn't they actually give a warning to the drivers in the moment?

Tesla Hacker Shows What Cameras See

A hacker was able to demonstrate what Tesla sees through the cabin-facing camera, according to an article by Benzinga. The hacker demonstrated what the automaker is looking for when the car's cabin-facing camera is activated.

Tesla is now deploying its very own driver monitoring system in a brand new software update on 2021.4.15.11. The automaker noted that the cabin camera located above the rearview mirror can now actually detect and alert the driver inattentiveness while the car's Autopilot is engaged.

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Tesla Vision System

Camera data actually does not leave the car itself which actually means that the system cannot save or even transmit information unless the data sharing feature is enabled. Tesla also notes that owners can opt to change the data sharing setting by simply going to the Controls then Safety and Security option.

The brand new update now comes along with Tesla's official release of its new Tesla Vision system. The Tesla Vision system is a system that supposedly relies on the car's computer vision using the cameras without the use of a radar.

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