Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Alleged Reveal Coming Mid-June while Company Denies Its Existence
(Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Alleged Reveal Coming Mid-June while Company Denies Its Existence

Nintendo Switch Pro release date has allegedly been revealed. The console could come as early as mid-June while the company still denies the existence of the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro. 

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date

According to an article by BGR, Nintendo has continuously been rumored to launch a new Nintendo Switch Pro version while the company has continuously been denying the rumors over the past few years. An increasing number of reports, however, indicate that the new Switch upgraded model might actually be heading to stores some time this fall.

The rumor is that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed some time as soon as mid-June. Another new leak lists a number of purported Nintendo Switch Pro upgrades. This reportedly indicates some different ways in which the brand new console could actually outperform the original one.

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

The leak was reportedly shared by a certain Spanish gaming site called Vandal through ResetEra. It now pertains to the brand new Nintendo Switch hardware revision which could certain reports have indicated will then become officially revealed some time before the beginning of E3 2021.

Nintendo, however, hasn't really called the Nintendo Switch Pro, at least in any particular official capacity but the nickname just stuck. According to the story by GamesRadar, Vandal's source indicates that the new alleged Nintendo Switch could have a similar size as the current model but along with a significantly larger screen. This will reportedly be achieved by reducing the total size of the black plastic bezel which would then also increase the total real estate taken up by the whole screen itself.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Specs

The report also indicates that the brand new Nintendo Switch will also be using an OLED screen, which lines up along with certain info that is pulled from a display manufacturer's investor briefing that happened some time earlier this month. On the flipside, the brand new Nintendo Switch will be replacing the original version's quite popular notoriously flimsy kickstand along with a much larger support that now runs the length of the whole system.

The Nintendo Switch could be folding out much like the stand on the current Microsoft Surface tablet. It is now also quite a weird thing for gamers to get excited, some people really love the Surface's stand so the comparison might make some people happy.

The last big detail in the report is the brand new dock, which will then allegedly be slightly wider for people to accommodate a new Nintendo console's very first built-in ethernet part and even two different USB 3.0 ports. All of these new details, however, should be taken with just a grain of salt until people get any official word about the new console coming from Nintendo. As of the moment, it still sounds like gamers might not have to wait for quite longer.

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