Google Pixel 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | What Do They Have In Common?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Google Pixel 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | What Do They Have In Common?

Google Pixel 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs reveal the two phones to have similarities. Even more details about the alleged upcoming Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 "Pro" have started to emerge. This now provides a better idea regarding the chipset and even the new possibility of what the new device displays could look like.

Google Pixel 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

According to the story in an article by AndroidCentral, Google's brand new GS101 Whitechapel chipset is now rumored to power the device that will  reportedly not match that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 when it comes to its power.

Two leakers namely Yogesh and Max Weinback notedly stated that it will be built on a brand new 5nm process and that its power will be much closer to that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Google will now apparently lean on its AI power and machine learning for its upcoming flagship smartphones which reportedly has been quite largely expected of the rumored Google Silicon.

Google Pixel 6 Chipset Mali-G78 GPU

There are also rumors going around as of the moment of Samsung building the chip itself. So far, everything points towards the new Google Pixel 6 chipset which would feature a Mali-G78 GPU, the same GPU could be found in devices like the new Exynos variant of the popular Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. XDA Developers noted that another leaker actually found certain "evidence" of the new GPU on the official Google Issue Tracker.

The Google Issue Tracker points towards a new P21 device as well as the Mali-G78 GPU, although the core count and even the clock speed are currently unknown. Yogesh has also stated that the brand new GPU actually "performs well under pressure" although during early comparisons, it may even distribute that particular claim.

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Google Pixel 6 XL

Yogesh has also noted that the new GPU actually performs quite well under pressure. The early comparisons, however, might dispute those types of claims. As far as the display itself goes, the new Google Pixel 6 has now been said to feature a brand new 6-inch display along with Weinbach, according to WorldPodcasts, stated that this week that will then be filled with the new FHD120Hz panel.

He also notes that the device's 6.4-inch display on the Google Pixel 6 XL could be equipped with the QHD 120Hz panel in order to match a number of the best Android phones on the market. The much larger Pixel will also reportedly come along with a decent 5,000 mAh battery.

A release date for the upcoming devices is quite unclear as of the moment. Weinbach, however, expects that the brand new Google Pixel 6 smartphones will launch sometime around October or November. This would still depend on the effects of the current chip shortage. They are now also expected to launch alongside the long rumored Google Pixel Watch.

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