These invasive iOS and Android apps should not be in your smartphone right now since experts claim they track your sensitive details at a high rate. Right now, various gadget developers are already making efforts to prevent app developers from releasing their applications without disclosing the information they will track. 

Previously, Apple effectively explained how an app tracks your online activities. The iPhone maker's new advertisement was a part of its "Privacy. That's iPhone" ad campaign. In this video, there is a man doing his daily routine. 

In each scene, you can see him using a common app that facilitates everything. These include going to a coffee shop or taking a taxi. As the ad goes on, the main actor was slowly surrounded by other people who represent the current invasive apps. 

At the end of Apple's latest advertisement, the man used the company's new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature to delete all of them before they can even track all of his personal data.

Top 5 Invasive iOS and Android Apps

According to BGR's latest report, Apple's latest ATT still doesn't have the capability to stop apps from tracking your sensitive data completely. To help you further, here are the top five applications you need to remove from your system. 

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pCloud, a giant security firm, listed all the apps that are considered invasive. They can either track your content, contacts, usage data, and other sensitive info. The alarming thing about these applications is that they are all available both on iOS and Android. 


This Facebook-owned app remains on the top list as it can track 79% of your sensitive information. 


Facebook is currently one of the most used applications in the market. However, it can track or store almost 57% of your data. 


LinkedIn is currently essential since it helps you connect with various employers and employees that can help you find a job or improve your company. But, it still tracks 50% of your data. 

Uber Eats

Since the global pandemic is still happening, many people tend to use apps to order food, which will be delivered right at their doorsteps. Uber Eats is pretty popular, but it tracks 50% of your online activities. 


YouTube is also one of the most popular apps since it is used for entertainment. However, when you create an account, there's a high chance that it will track 43% of your sensitive information.  

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