E3 2021 looks to be shaping up as one of the best, despite being an online-only event, after a lineup of big celebrity names was revealed. 

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GameSpot reports that this year's E3 will feature a good amount of celebrity talent, which was announced by the organizer Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Here is the preliminary list, with more names expected to be announced a bit later: 

  • T-Pain
  • Aerial Powers (WNBA player for the Minnesota Lynx)
  • Erika Ishii ("Apex Legends," "World of Warcraft," and "Cyberpunk 2077" actress)
  • Arif "Azerzz" Zahir (YouTuber and "Family Guy" voice actor)
  • JD Witherspoon (Lazor Wulf)
  • Arin Hanson (Game Grumps) 
  • Pro gamers from 100 Thieves and Team Liquid

These celebrity figures are expected to appear throughout E3, which will run from June 12 to June 15. If you want a complete schedule of all the showcases and events, including local times, then visit this comprehensive guide, also by GameSpot

 It's also worth noting that E3 organizers have also partnered with a handful of popular streamers, who will be tasked with co-streaming all of the festivity's events, as reported by GamesRadar. The official lineup of streamers has yet to be announced, but fans can expect a reveal anytime soon. 

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E3 Panel Series: Voices of E3 

In keeping with tradition, E3 2021 is also hosting a wide variety of panels that will feature even more big names, several of them being video game industry icons in their own right. This will all be contained within a single series called "Voices of E3". Here are several of the must-watch panels: 

  • An unnamed round table discussion featuring editors from big gaming publications such as PC Gamer, Polygon, GameSpot, IGN, and GamesIndustry.biz will focus on video games and game-based media "acts and reacts in the current sphere of commentary."
  • Legendary female voice actors: Jennifer Hale, the iconic voice of "Mass Effect" protagonist Commander Shepard, headlines this panel alongside Anjali Bhimani ("Overwatch," "Apex Legends"), Courtenay Taylor ("Mass Effect," "Call of Duty," "Fallout 4"), Carolina Ravassa ("Overwatch," "Valorant," "GTA 5"), and Krizia Bajos ("League of Legends," "The Sims 4," "Casagrandes"). 
  • Video game representation and black voices empowerment: Zack Mowery of 100 Thieves leads the panel's roster, along with Fiona Nova (Roosterteeth, G4), Tanya DePass (I Need Diverse Games), and Jay-Ann Lopez (Black Girl Gamers). 
  • Young gaming entrepreneurs: This panel will be moderated by Entertainment Weekly's Mary Margaret and features Nicole LaPointe Jameson (Evil Geniuses), Katrina Salazar (weThink), Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes (Queens Gaming Collective), and Brittani Johnson (G2 esports). 
  • Mythic Quest Cast panel: Lastly, Dan Casey of Nerdist moderates this panel involving the cast members of the aforementioned TV show, whose main story revolves around game development, as reported by Noobfeed

A Lot of BIG Announcements 

Of course, the so-called "big names" don't stop at people: this year's E3 is also playing host to several of the largest game developers and publishers just waiting to unleash more information about hyped-up projects in their pipeline. Perhaps the three most anticipated ones are Microsoft, Bethesda, and Nintendo, whose showcases fans should watch out for. 

E3 2021 officially begins with a kick-off event hosted by GameTrailers.tv's Geoff Keighley on June 10, two days before the actual event. 

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