WarioWare is known to have a planned release at an unknown date. The installment could give light to the past franchise that has lost its potential after several popular games queue on the market.

Now, the reports point out that the series could adopt the games which borrow the same mechanics with the "WarioWare." The Nintendo Switch would be the console to feature this game according to the sources.

As a result, the video game publisher has posted a survey on Twitter that asks the users about their interests in the next game. This means that the question also coincides with their willingness to pay for the franchise in the new console.

'WarioWare' Has a Long History With Nintendo

'WarioWare' Game: Nintendo Survey is Asking the Players if They Are Willing to Pay $50 for the Next Game
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Could another "WarioWare" game come in Nintendo Switch soon?

Back in 2018, Nintendo made the final launch of a "WarioWare" game on the Nintendo 3DS. Fans have been looking forward to the franchise coming out again this year and this time in the Switch. Whoever hopes that this game could arrive soon is surely hit by the nostalgia that it brought over the 10-installment spree in 15 years on six various Nintendo platforms.

It appears that the company is listening to the users since it is now hinting at the potential launch of a "WarioWare" title. According to a report by Nintendo Life, popular variety streamer from Twitch, Beta64 has tweeted a survey on the evening of Tuesday, June 1,

Beta64, who goes with his real name "Andrew," said that Nintendo sent an official survey to his wife earlier that day. The YouTuber did not go into the full details of the survey, but he highlighted that there is a survey question that asks the gamer if he/she is interested to play the new "WarioWare" game.

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If you open the survey, you will answer the specific question which leads to Likert-scale choices. More importantly, the survey form, in particular, will interrogate you if you are willing to spend $49.99 to purchase the new series title.

Nintendo certainly accentuates the emergence of the Nintendo 3DS game to a new platform. Maybe Be64 assumes that the survey could hint that the "WarioWare" title will be coming to E3 2021 in line with many Nintendo Switch games that will be announced.

'WarioWare' and Nintendo Switch Pro

The E3 showcase is fast approaching and the gaming community could not anymore contain the excitement. Of course, the biggest revelations would pop out soon and the company has to surprise the users with a boom as we head to 2022.

Moving forward with another Switch model is amazing since the company teased that the Switch Pro is allegedly launching in mid-June. Until now, what the players only know about the upcoming next-gen Switch is its newer and faster performance compared to its older models.

It would be amazing if Nintendo would release the Pro variant and "WarioWare" series at the same time, Game Rant reported. Maybe, this could be the remedy that Switch players want to take as we dive into the event proper.

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