TikTok Privacy Policy Update Allows App to Collect User Biometrics Including Faceprints and Voiceprints
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) TikTok Privacy Policy Update Allows App to Collect User Biometrics Including Faceprints and Voiceprints

TikTok updated its privacy policy on June 2, introducing a new section which states that the app may collect users' biometric identifiers as well as the biometric information. This would even include things like the users voiceprints and faceprints.

TikTok Privacy Policy Update

TikTok did not really confirm what product developments necessitated the new biometric data to its list of disclosures regarding the information which the app would automatically collect from its users. They did, however, note that it would ask for consent in the cases of data collection practices.

According to the TikTok privacy policy, the biometric data collection details were actually introduced in the newest section. The policy notes that the image and audio information that can be found under the heading of information that the app will collect automatically.

What Data Does TikTok Collect

The initial part of the new section states that TikTok might collect user information about user' image and audio content. These include identifying objects and scenery that would appear. Although it might sound quite creepy, a number of other social networks could object recognition on images that users would upload in order to power accessibility features just like a users' instagram photo for example like for ad targeting purposes.

Identifying where the user is and the scenery is can improve the device's AR effects while being able to convert the spoken words to text would help users with features like the automatic captions on TikTok. The policy reportedly notes that this part of data collection is made for enabling the special video effects for demographic classification, content moderation, for ad and content recommendations, as well for maybe others non-personally-identifying operations.

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TikTok to Collect Faceprints or Voiceprints

The statement itself is a bit unclear as it does not directly specify as to whether it is considering state laws, federal law, or both. According to TechCrunch, it also does not explain what TikTok will be doing with the data and why they actually need it. It also does not define terms like voiceprints or faceprints.

It also does not explain how it would go about seeking the needed permission from users or if it could look to either state or maybe even federal laws in order to guide the process of gaining users' consent. Only a number of US states have biometric privacy laws which include Illinois, California, Washington, Texas, and even New York.

If TikTok would only request its users content which is required by the law, it could potentially mean users in other states might not have to be informed when it comes to data collection. When TikTok was reached out to, a spokesperson noted that as part of their ongoing commitment to transparency, the TikTok privacy policy was updated in order to provide even more clarity on the information that the company collects.

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