Michelin has debuted a new product called "WISAMO," an innovation of an inflatable sail that can be stowed and used to help a boat move without the use of fuel and other forms of energy. The "Wind and Sail Mobility" is focused on reducing a ship or boat's carbon emissions, as well as improve fuel efficiency by as much as 20 percent.

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Boats were initially powered by men's hard work and sails, but as the times have progressed and technology improved, these said ships are now reliant on fuel-powered motors, engines, and a turbine to move. Currently, sails are mostly put on yachts, sailboats, and other hobbyist sea vehicles, and not for commercial or use by large cargo freighters.

Michelin has been known to develop car tires for decades now, and the company has even gone on to have their own "Michelin Guide" for the best restaurants to go to, so that people may burn out their tires and replace them. Recently, Elon Musk and Tesla revealed plans for a restaurant, which would soon aim for a Michelin Star to put it on the map.

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Michelin's WISAMO: Inflatable Sails for Boat Sustainability

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It is a known fact that it takes a lot to power a boat, from electricity to fuel it needs to sustain its long-enduring journey into the sea, making it one of the most profitable industries in the world. Despite being a cruise or cargo ship meant to transport all kinds of things, a boat needs fuel to keep it moving in the ocean or seas and has long foregone the sail.

However, Michelin's latest venture aims to bring it back and would do so for the greater good of the environment and sustainability. The venture called "WISAMO" or Wind and Sail Mobility aims to bring back the very foundations of a boat but is now meant for the modern age as it features an inflatable sail that can also stow whenever not needed.

Michelin's Movin' On Summit Debuts WISAMO

Michelin's latest "Movin' On" Summit held in May has debuted a lot about sustainability and environmental-friendly products, including that of the boat sails that are intended for the most used ones in the industry today. The "telescopic" wind sails may come and go as one pleases, and it can reduce carbon or CO2 emissions brought by a ship's reliance to fuel.

Moreover, this venture also aims to improve a ship's fuel efficiency, which Michelin claims to be putting up efficiency rates at 20 percent. This means that with the help of the WISAMO, maritime vehicles may reduce fuel consumption by a massive 20 percent, with just the use of the inflatable sail, which does not require a massive change in the boat's design.

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