Seagate is developing a new disk technology that could perhaps be the solution to the increasing prices of hard disk drives (HDD). Let us also dive into its performance if it performs similar to its more expensive counterparts. 

Seagate’s New Disk Technology Could Likely Bring Down HDD Prices — is it Fast?
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Seagate’s new disk technology could likely be the answer to the high prices of HDDs. However, how does it perform?

The new-generation HDD, called Mach.2, has two actuators, compared to the older tech with only one. With that, the read/write speeds are significantly better. Thus, a better performing and cheaper HDD. 

Cheaper and Faster to Produce 

The Register first saw the transcript from Seagate's Senior Vice President, Jeff Foctman's talk himself. The executive said that the relatively cheaper tech is being manufactured at a larger scale now. 

Foctman added that Seagate is working to increase the storage capacity of Mach.2 up to a whopping 30TB. He further said that it could attract users "in many large datacenter environments." 

The dual actuator technology speeds up the production time due to its "drastically" faster test time. Fochtman added, "This is a benefit we're looking forward to recognizing on the cost side of the business." 

Thus, the overall cost of the new HDD is anticipated to be cheaper -- at least in the long run. The Register noted that Seagate could capitalize on the exclusivity of the latest tech. And, in turn, skyrocketing its prices. 

However, it will be long enough until other competitors release a similar two-actuator tech. With the cheap production cost, Seagate could be forced to pull the price instead. 

As such, it could be the answer to the prevailing problem in both the supply and prices of HDD. 

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Early Stage

Mach.2 is still not available in the market, despite the production ramp-up.

According to Foctman, it is "really still in a technology-staging mode" or simply in the early stages. Also, he claims that the new drive has already amassed a dozen of customers even before it officially releases. 

The company recently revealed what a dual-actuator disk would be like -- in the flesh of Mach.2 Exos 2X14. Seagate has already officially released its spec sheet

What stands out the most is the transfer rate of the newest tech. According to TechRadar, it is the fastest HDD in the world so far. The dual actuators produce a rapid speed of 524MB/s! 

Seagate attributes the high transfer speeds to three factors: drive cache integration, spindle speeds, and queuing command. 

However, unlike the goal that Fochtman presents, the 2X14 could only store up to 14TB. Even so, it is nearly half of what Seagate intends it to be. 

Meanwhile, Sabrent announced the largest capacity SSD on May 11

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