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Gible Community Day in "Pokemon Go" is set for June 6 from 11:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. Eastern Standard time. Gible will be everywhere in the game with a highly increases Shiny rate.

Just like all of the recent Community Days, Niantic has released a ticketed Special Research that can be purchased in "Pokemon Go's" in-game shop.

As the event starts to go live in earlier time zones, the tasks and rewards were released to help the trainers determine if the ticket is worth purchasing, according to Pokemon Blog.

Gible Community Day Task and Rewards

Here are the full tasks and rewards for the Gible Community Day Ticked Research in "Pokemon Go:"

Page One of Four includes Power up Pokémon 10 times with a reward of 15 Poke Balls, the Catch 15 Gible task comes with a reward of Gible encounter, Make 5 Nice Throws has a reward of 20 Gible Candy, and the overall rewards are 2000 Stardust, a Gible encounter and 1 Incense.

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Page Two of Four includes Catch 15 Gible with a reward of 50 Gible Candy, the task of Transfer 10 Pokémon comes with a reward of a Gabite encounter, the Evolve 3 Gible has a 10 Pinap Berries reward, and the overall rewards are 1500 XP, a Gible encounter, 1 Incense.

Page Three of Four includes Make 3 Great Curveball Throws with a reward of 50 Gible Candy, the Evolve 1 Gabite comes with a reward of 1 Lucky Egg, Transfer 10 Pokémon has a reward of 10 Great Balls, and the overall rewards are 2,500 XP, 1 Rocket Radar, and 15 Ultra Balls.

Page Four of Four's auto-claim mode comes with 2 Silver Pinap Berries, Gible encounter, and 3500 XP. The overall rewards include 3000 Stardust, Garchomp, and 2 Rare Candies.

What is Gible Community Day?

Gible has a two-step evolution that culminates in the Pokemon becoming Garchomp, a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. The event comes with numerous tasks, and there are rewards given after every task, according to ComicBook.com.

As with the past Community Day events, the festivities on June 6 will start at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Standard time and will feature a lot of Gible spawning all around the area.

Any Gabite evolved into a Garchomp during the event learns the Ground-type move Earth Power, which makes Garchomp one of the most effective Ground-type attackers to use in raids in the game.

The Community Day this month features the exclusive move Earth Power. Earth Power is a Ground-type charge move with a relatively modest energy cost and has a base damage of 90, according to Polygon.  

Where Earth Power really shines is its ability to debuff an opponent's Defense by one level in PvP. Landing a debuff on an opponent can swing a PvP battle in your favor, making makes Earth Power an effective secondary move to give Garchomp.

The Gible Community Day will also come with a 3X Catch XP bonus, which means that players can earn a ton of XP for participating in the event. So if you're trying to level up in the game, be sure to stack the 3X Catch XP with a Lucky Egg to maximize your XP during the event.

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