Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event is happening, and the company will live stream the event for people to witness the "most ludicrous" and "quickest" production electric vehicle in the world arrive in the Fremont Factory. The event would take place on Thursday, June 10, and the company is inviting the public to witness as it rolls out for the first time.

Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event
(Photo : Tesla via Twitter)
Tesla Model S Plaid will hold a delivery event on Thursday, June 10.

The popular electric vehicle manufacturing company had a lot of live stream events in the past, including those of the Battery Day, vehicle unveiling, showcases, and various events for fans to enjoy. However, they have not yet pulled off something like this, where a vehicle delivery will be streamed live for people to see and witness.

Also, this vehicle is not an ordinary one, and in fact, it is something that holds a very special place for the company, especially as it is the fastest Tesla production car it has amongst all its releases. The Tesla Model S Plaid was one of the biggest reveals of 2020, and it came from a reference to a space fiction parody known as "Spaceballs."

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Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event

Despite being something new from Tesla, events have always been a special part of the company's showcase, and are not shy to these kinds of happenings within them. The event will mostly be for the online audience as the company did not reveal any openings for the public to join the showcase and its delivery.

According to Tesla's Twitter account (@Tesla), "The only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid," and the delivery live stream event will take place this Thursday, for people to see the first-look on the EV.


This would also double as a reveal event for the Tesla Model S Plaid, especially as the ones surfacing online all come from spy shots and no official release images from the clean energy company.

While certainly being the first delivery showcase event, it would not be the last, especially with the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster which would come with the insanely fast, SpaceX thruster package.

How to Watch

The event on Thursday, June 10, would take place at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern Time), and there would be a live stream directly from Tesla's Twitter account. The company also has its official website to hold the live stream events, or via the company's YouTube channel which has been active for the Battery Day's live stream last September 2020.

Tesla Model S YouTube
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube Screenshot)

The company's YouTube header has also changed to the Tesla Model S, further signifying that it is the showcase of the company and the featured electric vehicle amongst its releases for 2021.

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