'Genshin Impact' 1.7 - Leaks and Primogems
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The "Genshin Impact" 1.7 version beta testing is already happening, and users can't help but leak some details about the game. Several screenshots and in-game videos emerged, mostly related to the 3D model, Raiden Shogun, also called Electro Archon Baal.

Baal is the infamous Electro Archon reigning over the Inazuma region found in Teyvat.

Inazuma is said to be the next story chapter of the video game, and "Genshin Impact" leaks revealed that the part will finally come within the 1.7 version on July 21.

'Genshin Impact' Leak - Electro Archon Baal

Throughout "Genshin Impact," Baal's lore and attitude as a ruler in-game has already been exemplified, and thoroughly discussed by avid fanatics. However, her physical appearance, such as her face, body, and clothing, has never been revealed until now.

With the start of the "Genshin Impact," 1.7 beta test, Twitter data mining and rendering teams have finally leaked a 3D model of Electro Archon Baal, officially letting everyone know how she looks like.

According to Dual Shockers, it is essential to note that Baal's final appearance is relatively different from what players expect based on her silhouette in the Kazuha story, as seen in "Genshin Impact" 1.6.

Baal's outfit in-game is indigo, and white Zettai Ryouiki paired with blue-violet thigh-high socks, and her hair is in a braided ponytail -- unlike the full, straight hair that users saw in her silhouette.

She has purple eyes, hair, and a purple and white kimono on top.

Like the theories that fans had before the leak, Baal has similar features with Raiden Mei from "Honkai Impact 3rd".

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'Genshin Impact' - How to Earn Thousands of Primogems

With "Genshin Impact" 1.7 just right around the corner, more and more players are getting excited about the game. However, there is one thing that most gamers want to know: how to earn thousands of primogems.

According to Indian Express, here are the best ways to get more primogems on "Genshin Impact:"

Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is easily one of the most effective ways to get thousands of Primogems. But it is also one of the hardest challenges within the game, and users need to try several attempts to clear efficiently.

With this method, players have to clear a total of eight floors to win 2,400 primogems. For each floor, players will win 300 primogems, but three chambers will be cleared per level.

After finishing eight floors, the game will reveal four additional floors with 450 primogems each. Users can win 1,800 primogems after finishing floors 9 to 12.

Adventure HandBook

This method requires players to complete each chapter as quickly as possible, which adds to the thrill of earning primogems.

To do this, players should toggle the Experience section and look into each chapter. Players need to finish the first four chapters, and as a reward, they will get 100 primogems. The succeeding chapters will yield 50 primogems each.

Other Ways to Get Free Primogems:

  • Monthly rewards
  • "Genshin Impact" live streaming events
  • "Genshin Impact" log-in events
  • Test runs

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