Apple EV Could be Too Late in the Game Notes Tesla Bull | Apple Starts While Tesla Moves to Autonomous Robots
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple EV Could be Too Late in the Game Notes Tesla Bull | Apple Starts While Tesla Moves to Autonomous Robots

Apple EV might be too late in the electronic vehicle game. With Tesla already a massive company and other conventional car companies competing with Tesla, is there more room in the market for upcoming Apple vehicles?

Apple EV vs. Tesla

According to a certain Tesla bull that has been very open about all things Tesla on twitter, Apple is just too late to join the EV car game. The comparison of Apple was to Tesla that is already well-established as of the moment. The Tesla bull then noted that things are going to be tough for Apple to be able to match both the price and performance of Tesla.

Furthermore, Tesla is already moving forward to the next step which is now autonomous robots and not just EVs. Dave Lee, the Tesla bull, notes that the company is now working on its next-gen $25k platform while also moving towards becoming an actual autonomous robot company.

EV Market Hasn't Reached Full Potential

While the argument does make sense to a degree when it comes to the EV market already being dominated by Tesla, the problem is the EV market hasn't reached its full potential yet. This means there is still room to grow for the totality of the EV market and not just the current market that EV is at as of the moment.

While the argument did make some sense, a certain individual decided to disagree with an explanation as to why. According to Adam on Twitter, the user respectfully disagrees with this rationale. Adam then noted that Apple is actually in a perfect position to be able to take a major share in the whole EV market.

How can Apple EV Compete?

This can be done, according to the tweet, by offering their very own ride sharing platform with their own Apple Cars. This means that they won't need to focus on individual ownership so it will still look much different from their competitors.

There is a level of truth to this argument as Apple does have some sort of an advantage. Basically, there are more people that own iPhones than people that own Teslas. What the account was suggesting was that Apple make use of its already wide user base to give it an advantage should the company decide to move into the whole auto EV industry.

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Apple EV and Apple Apps

Of course, this is also not completely the full scope of the situation as the integration of apps also depends on how Apple would hypothetically decide to release them. The success of Apple EVs in relation to Apple apps also has a very thin connection.

As of the moment, there is still very little known about the company's plans when it comes to making Apple EVs. Fans will have to wait and see as to whether or not Apple will really be producing EVs and when they might release.

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