Elon Musk's lifestyle has debunked "Anonymous," the hacktivist group that initially attacked Musk and released another video that was said to contain misinformation about the CEO. Here, fans and Musk clarified his lifestyle online, saying that the CEO lives simply and does not own any properties. Musk furthered that most of his attention is on SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Tesla.

Elon Musk Clarifies Lifestyle Against Anonymous

Elon Musk Debunks Anonymous Misinformation
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Musk is known to the public as a humanitarian and space advocate, but he is not known to be the typical billionaire who lives a lavish lifestyle and fans are always there to prove and back him up. In the recent squabble on Twitter, a lot of the CEO's fans who know of his background have spoken up and were even verified by Musk.

"The richer you get, the more enemies you make," says a popular quote, and that is true for Musk in his recent run-ins and controversies. It includes his battle with Anonymous, the recent look into his IRS tax files, lawsuits from different people, SEC conflicts, and more. However, the CEO and his fans are here to speak up about what's going on in his life.

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Anonymous Misinformation: Elon Musk Lifestyle Debunks

'Anonymous' vs. Elon Musk: Feud Continues
(Photo : 'Anonymous' Hacking Group)

The Anonymous video that threatened Elon Musk was said to be full of errors and fallacies, even the popular CEO laughed about it, and the fans raised their voices against it. People on Twitter have started threads about the CEO's lifestyle and all that he owns, mentioning that he is not luxurious in property or possession.

Musk also corroborated these statements, saying he only has two houses, the one for residential which he currently resides in Texas, and the other is for events only, located in Bay Area, San Francisco.

The CEO furthered that he is more focused on creating a sustainable Earth with Tesla, making humans a multi-planetary race with SpaceX, improving traffic with The Boring Co.'s tunnels, and helping advance neurotechnology with Neuralink.

The statements above were also discussed by several of his fans, saying that Musk makes money based on his performance for each of his companies, and even works "~100" hours a week.

Fake Anonymous Hacktivist, Says Original Group

According to Electrek, a Twitter account that was associated with the original Anonymous hacktivist group said that the one attacking Elon Musk was fake, and is not associated with them. Speculations point out that this is the work of the "Big Oil" which was said to be because Musk debuts EVs and oil stocks continue to drop due to decline.

However, this does not match the initial statements in the video, which talked about Musk's manipulation of the cryptocurrency market. Nonetheless, the Anonymous behind is trying to take down Musk, but the CEO and his fans simply would not cave in the misinformation.

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