Qualcomm Chipsets - IoT Line
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Qualcomm will release seven of their latest IoT chipsets to power next-generation devices. These chips will serve as the new standard of chipsets.

The global chip maker Qualcomm has finally let the world know about their new line of IoT chipsets. These brand new semiconductors will power various devices in multiple fields, such as warehousing, transportation and logistics, retail and healthcare, smart cameras, and others.

What'sWhat's New?

According to TechRadar, Qualcomm confirmed that the seven IoT chipsets offer a wide range of capabilities for endless connected solutions, and smart devices with upgraded life software and hardware variants. These will help achieve long-term support with a minimum of eight years.

Here are Qualcomm'sQualcomm's new line of IoT chipsets:

  • Qualcomm QCS2290/ QCM2290
  • Qualcomm QCS6490/ QCM6490
  • Qualcomm QCS8250
  • Qualcomm QCS4290/ QCM4290

Qualcomm also launched the company's first-ever IoT modem solution. Their new product features 5G connectivity, and it is optimized for Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications.

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Qualcomm Chipsets Come in Two Options

Qualcomm made sure to provide everyone with the option of having an entry-level and premium tier chipset. These were built for the sole purpose of supporting the emerging IoT devices and solutions that were made for industrial and commercial apps.

The first variant belongs to the QCS family -- an application processor that features Wi-Fi connectivity. The second type is classified under the QCM family, which has an integrated cellular connection.

Qualcomm QCS2290/QCM2290

These are powerful entry-level chipsets that provide reliable performance and power-saving features. It also has LTE connectivity, enhanced features, and additional memory support to assist low power consumption.

It has a decent Cortex A53 architecture, making it a cost-effective solution for delivering stunning performance, high graphics, smooth images, and updated power performance. It works wonders for industrial handheld, point of sales, camera, and tracking applications.

Qualcomm QCS4290/QCM4290

These chipsets provide the best mid-tier performance that you could ask for. It has the Kryo 260 CPU architecture that aims to increase speed and robustness for on-device performance.

It also has a 3rd generation Qualcomm AI Engine to deliver strong performance. Broad connectivity option and a dynamic camera.

Qualcomm QCS6490/QCM6490

This particular chipset has Kryo 585 CPU architecture, making it a heavy-duty processor for industrial and commercial IoT applications. It caters to warehousing, transportation, logistics management, connected healthcare, and across the retail point of sales kiosks.

Qualcomm QCS6490/QCM6490 can support 5G mmWave/Sub-6 GHz together with Wi-Fi 6E. It is a solution that enables the latest generation of tablets and handhelds, human-machine interface systems, and industrial scanners.

Qualcomm QCS8250

It is a premium-tier processor optimized to provide the maximum level of performance, enabling computer-intensive artificial intelligence at the edge, with the help of Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 solutions and its 5G-ready connectivity.

This monstrous chipset also offers the latest Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that caters to ultra-intuitive AI, together with machine learning to utilize computer-intensive IoT applications. As a result, it enables video collaborations, smart cameras, AI hubs, smart retail, and connected healthcare.

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