Discord is having some connectivity issues again. Because of this, various users are now sharing their experiences on different social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, and other giant platforms. They are also asking the company if it will soon release the actual fix for the problem. 

Discord Users Experience Connection Issue: Here's How You Can Fix This Problem
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Discord Users Experience Connection Issue: Here's How You Can Fix This Problem

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On the other hand, Down Detector also confirmed that the number cause of the current Discord issue is server connectivity, which consists 88% of the total affected users.

On the other hand, 7% of the reports are saying that they cannot log in, while 3% said they are having some issues on the app's official website.

The new Discord connectivity issue started on June 11, with most users trying to reach out to the company through Twitter. Some of them are angry, while others are posting some memes about Discord to mock the popular app.

Because of this, the company decided to release a statement regarding the ongoing issue. Here are other details you need to know.

Discord Is Down!

Discord confirmed that its development team is already working on an official fix to solve the issue.

Discord Users Experience Connection Issue: Here's How You Can Fix This Problem
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @GissyHarlonde) Discord Users Experience Connection Issue: Here's How You Can Fix This Problem

"We are experiencing connection failures in US East (ATL) due to issues upstream of our service," said the giant app company. "Oncall engineering is continuing to monitor the service and is working with Cloudflare to restore service," added Discord.

As of the moment, Slash Gear reported that Discord's connectivity issue is still unresolved. Because of this, various users are trying to find some methods that they can use to fix the current connection problem possibly.

If you can't wait for the official fix, here are some methods you can try. But remember, that they are still not 100% effective. Although this is the case, there's still a high chance that one of these techniques could fix the current Discord connectivity issue.

How To Fix It? 

According to Life Wire's latest report, there are various methods you can try to fix the current Discord issue. To help you further, here are some techniques you really need to use since the app still hasn't released the official update. 

  • Temporarily disable Wi-Fi
  • Properly close the app and reopen it
  • Check your internet connection
  • Update your operating system
  • Check Discord's status
  • Restart your device
  • Update the Discord app
  • Disable Airplane Mode

Some of these methods are applicable to other apps that are having some connectivity problems. Remember, when your application is not working, one of the main reasons behind it could be your internet service.

However, if the server status really confirmed that it is down, the best thing you can do is wait for the app company to release the actual fix for the connectivity issue.

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