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"Pokemon Go" rolled out its latest update on June 11, and it revealed new confetti, graphics, and music for the game.

The new assets found in the game's files suggest that the developer, Niantic, is gearing up for the fast-approaching "Pokemon Go" Fest 2021.

The update is complete with music notes, different music for the maps, and a new intro for the start of the gaming event.

Meloetta, a psychic-type Pokemon, is playing a different role in this event, as new graphics were added for the event with Meloetta added in the name.

Pokemon Go Latest Update

A massive leak shared by PokeMiners at The Sliph Road on Reddit shows numerous Meloetta assets, including a curtain graphic, graphics for a stage floor and even a 3D stage, according to Slash Gear.

A Meloetta Intro Curtain, stars, glow, and flare graphics will be added into 2021's "Pokemon" 25 Music celebration.

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For fans who would like to hear the music added to the latest update, they can check out PokeMiners Sound Cloud. New music for a Meloetta Encounter, Pop Map, as well as Rock Music, are available.

Also stated in the post on Reddit are the four music notes that will likely be used as the confetti for "Pokemon Go" Fest 2021. There is a purple note called Cave, an orange note called Desert, a blue note called Jungle, and a treble clef note in green, also called Jungle.

"Pokemon Go" had a new set of Raid Leaderboard graphics added as the game makes way for the Raid Leaderboard this year. There is graphics for Survival Duration, Buddy Player, Remote Distance, Mega Evolution, Pokemon Height, generic imagery for instinct.

Final Strike, Mystic, Valor, Damage Dealt, and a Customize Avatar screen are also added. This could hint that Niantic will be releasing the next-level change to the game in the near future.

June Events Breakdown

According to Mercury News, fans of "Pokemon Go" should expect major announcements in the next three months as Niantic prepares for its upcoming events.

Aside from the changes in the game itself, Niantic has also released wild Pokemon, raids, and egg changes.

The number of spawns increased lately, with Niantic doubled the diversity and tied the Pokemon in more environments. In major cities, the players will encounter Alolan Rattata, Magnemite, and Porygon.

Players in the forest can expect to see Bellsprout, Skorupi, and Doduo. Mountain players can see Rhyhorn, Nosepass, and Dwebble, while water players can see Magikarp, Marill, and Wailmer.

From June 17 to Sept. 1, players will have the chance to free Rainbow Pokemon as part of the Team Go Rocket Special Research called A Seven-Colored Shadow.

Niantic is also bringing back in-person events starting with Community Days on July 3 and Aug. 15, according to Niantic Labs blog.

Meanwhile, raids have begun, and players can have a chance at the Regi trio. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are all available on June 17.

This is the perfect time for players to catch the three Pokemon. Also, Registeel is a force in Great League PvP. On June 12 and June 13, players will see more Mega raids and five-star.

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