The global leader in synthesizer manufacturing, Modal Electronics, has announced the Monster Machine: an all-new sound library for its feature-packed Argon Series synthesizers.

Through the raw power of the Modal Electronics' ARGON Series and its supercharged wavetable synth engine, combined with a healthy dose of Sci-Fi and horror inspiration, the Monster Machine contains 40 otherworldly audio textures set to take your mixing and production experience to unprecedented heights.

Among the unique textures in the latest Modal Electronics collection are dystopian sound beds, strikingly edgy and thunderous bass beat, and even eerie lead lines. For both traditional music composition scenarios that paint the perfect scene or modern music production with a unique punch, the Monster Machine is a perfect addition to every music setup.

Interested sound engineers, music producers, and enthusiasts can download the surreal audio texture pack on the Modal Electronics Blog - completely free - and add a unique twist to their works.

About the ARGON Series

ARGON Series is Moda Electronics' collection of wavetable synthesizers designed and engineered to perfection, a suitable companion for music creators wanting to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

Built on the legacy of its now-legendary OO Series synthesizers, the ARGON Series includes an array of real-time controls, an MPE support module, a clear and structured UI, and integrated performance tools. In the ARGON synthesizers, users will find a unique collection of instruments designed to deliver an unmatched audio experience.

Built into all models in the series are four morphable filter types that deliver both classic and contemporary textures to achieve better that unique sound that isn't possible with other synthesizers. ARGON Series items also have a pair of flexible audio rate LFOs, one of which is polyphonic, that can be routed to a wide variety of destinations through the modulation matrix. Additionally, there are three dedicated envelopes for filter, amp, and modulation sources for that unprecedented control over dynamics and expression.

The ARGON Series also contains an advanced 12-slot modulation matrix that supports easy assignments of complex modulation routes, keeping your sound evolving constantly. There are four common modulation routings already pre-set to make this tech accessible to newcomers.

Users can start bringing performances to a new level with the ARGON Series' integrated 512-note sequencer, equipped with real-time mode and step mode, which contains 63 steps with 8 notes each), and four incredibly powerful Animations Lanes. Additionally, a polyphonic 64-step sequencer allows easy step input to create fun and exciting melodic patterns.

About Modal Electronics

An electronic musical instrument manufacturer, Modal Electronics has established itself for developing and creating "Machines for Musicians." Founded back in 2013 as Modulus Music, the music company headquartered in Bristol, U.K. redefines modern synthesizer designs with its hardware and support content, such as the recently released Monster Machine.

In 2018, Modal Electronics released its SKULPTsynthesizer, an immense "32-oscillator virtual-analogue polysynth." It was followed by its CRAFTsynth 2.0, a uniquely powerful monophonic wavetable synthesizer. Modal Electronics began the ARGON Series with the ARGON8, an 8-voice, 37-key wavetable synthesizer, in 2019.

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