Moog, a legend in the audio industry for its analog synthesizers, is now bringing its technology to smartphones via an iOS app.

Owners of iPads and iPhones will be able to create noise and music on the spot, thanks to the digital version of Moog's famous Model 15 instrument. The company notes that the app is the first modular synth and learning tool intended for use by Apple device owners.

Building the app took full advantage of Apple's Metal technology, so that users may customize their interface by panning and zooming around the app. This allows users to place the patch cables and to tweak knobs in a way that feels natural.

Both Moog and Apple concur that Metal enables a streamlined and smooth experience that would not have been available otherwise.

The digitalized Model 15 synth uses polyphonic operation in 4-voice format, as well as monophonic operation. No less than 160 embedded presets are there so you can experiment at your leisure.

With swipes and taps, users get access to a myriad of features.

"[The app sports] a traditional Moog keyboard, 1150 ribbon controller, 8-step sequencing arpeggiator," Moog explains.

Not only that, but musicians can tap into the Animoog keyboard and make full use of 22 built-in scales. What is more, polyphonic modulation capabilities are part of the menu. The app has full MIDI integration, which means that you can toy with the app by using external controllers, and the best thing is that you may connect to them through Bluetooth.

The software holsters an Animoog keyboard with 22 built-in scales able to offer polyphonic modulation.

Users of iPads are at an advantage, as they are able to see two controllers simultaneously. Another neat aspect is that the app has full 3D Touch support.

The only caveat of using the latest Apple Metal technology is that Model 15 requires a 64-bit device running iOS 9.3.1 or newer to work. To simplify, if you own an iPhone 5s (or newer smartphone variant), an iPod Touch 6, an iPad Air or an iPad Pro, your musical skills are ready to be put to good use with Model 15.

The app costs $30 and can be downloaded from iTunes. Even if it seems a bit pricey, the cost actually falls in line with other instrument apps, such as the M1 synth for iPad that asks customers to shell out $20.

If that does not convince you, keep in mind that a classic Model 15 analog synthesizer costs $10,000.

Apple seems to fix its gaze on the music industry, as the company released the Music Memos app at the start of 2016. The software is targeted toward musicians, who can use it to record their jams easily and even apply a number of creative effects to the raw recording.

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