"Minecraft" is a world-renowned videogame that continuously attracts new users. However, it is also famous in the hacking world for being one of the frequently targeted video games.

A recent malware attack broke out, and "Minecraft" fanatics are now urged to exercise extra caution when installing mods and add-ons for the game. Cybersecurity experts and researchers are warning gamers to think more than twice before downloading anything related to "Minecraft." 

The Security Risk with Minecraft Mods

Tech Radar reported that the researchers at Kaspersky recently discovered a significant rise in the volume of dangerous malware hiding in the form of "Minecraft" mods, mainly on Google's app store and Google play.

The malicious applications masquerading as "Minecraft" mods are rendered useless in terms of its gameplay. 

However, they can make a user's tablet or smartphone unusable because of a spike in annoying and unnecessary advertisements. 

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Previous Minecraft Malware Attack

This event is not a first for "Minecraft" because, according to Threat Post, the same incident happened in November 2020.

Fake "Minecraft" mods spread like wildfire on Google Play, delivering millions of relentlessly abusive ads, rendering users' phones and tablets unusable.

In the height of "Minecraft's" Sandbox video game, attackers developed Google Play applications that work similarly to the current malware that Kaspersky has recently found.

From July 2020 to November 2020, Kaspersky found over 20 malicious mods. Researchers confirmed that the said malware infected over one million android gadgets.

What seems to make the franchise vulnerable to attack is because it was created in Java. Because of this, third-party developers could easily create compatible apps or "modpacks" aimed to customize and enhance the gaming experience of users.

The 'Minecraft' Mod Malware in 2021

According to Kaspersky, the add-ons that contain malicious malware are useless from the perspective of a "Minecraft" player. They also added that once the app has been launched for the first time, it will simply hide its icon.

Kaspersky added that these malicious apps diligently opened a user's browser to present flash ads, play videos on YouTube to launch new Google Play application pages and other features that continue to expose a victim to more threats.

According to Tech Radar, the new malicious "Minecraft " applications are just new and improved versions of the malware that it had already discovered in the past. But what's unique about these apps is that they open a user's browser every few minutes and display full-screen advertisements, both of which make a device unusable.

Kaspersky confirmed that Google already knows about to situation and that the fake "Minecraft" mods are already gone from the app store. However, users and players should still keep their guards up.

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