'Final Fantasy' I to VI to Get Classic 'Pixel Remaster' 2D Experience
(Photo : Screenshot From Play.Google.com ) 'Final Fantasy' I to VI to Get Classic 'Pixel Remaster' 2D Experience

"Final Fantasy" I to VI gets a classic "pixel remaster" bringing gamers back to the beloved 2D experience. Square Enix has just recently announced what could be quite a controversial "spinoff" in the whole "Final Fantasy" franchise.

'Final Fantasy' 2D Remaster

According to the story by SlashGear, while Stranger Paradise "Final Fantasy" Origin currently still has to earn more fans, there is virtually none to very little argument that the initial six installments need to prove themselves. They could, however, need maybe a little brush up when it comes to graphics.

This is what Square Enix now seems to be announcing with quite the mysterious Pixel Remaster series for the first "Final Fantasy" all the way to the sixth "Final Fantasy". For those gamers that appreciate the classic 2D and aren't really a fan of 3D remasters, no need to worry!

'Final Fantasy' Golden Age

Square Enix, as of the moment, isn't really saying much at all aside from what the name most obviously implies. In the words of its tweet, the very first six original games are now getting a new pixel-perfect remake.

The initial six "Final Fantasy" games are all pretty much considered by gamers as the classic Golden Age of the popular franchise. These were the actual games that made "Final Fantasy" a PlayStation exclusive and before the whole "Final Fantasy" franchise decided to jump on the 3D bandwagon.

'Final Fantasy' Gameplay

These were also the games that had laid the strong foundations for a lot of the core mechanics and even the system that all of the newer "Final Fantasy" games have been built on through the decades. The foundations including summoning, job classes, weapons, and turn-based attacks have been a very distinguishing gameplay "Final Fantasy" is popular for.

It is now pretty curious what the new Pixel Remaster will be bringing to the whole classic "Final Fantasy" experience. Fans, however, will still have to wait for Square Enix to reveal the actual details as to the time, the date, and other details.

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Square Enix 'Final Fantasy' 2D Series

The only thing that Square Enix revealed, as of the moment, is the games' existence and that it will be coming to Steam and mobile platforms only. It was also noted that every Pixel Remaster title will be sold one by one and not as a bundle like the term "series" suggests.

The most important question as of the moment is what will happen to those gamers that already own the piece of the original game on those platforms? Will they be given a free upgrade or will they have to purchase the games separately?

The classic pieces of these games are in no means cheap and it could be quite disappointing if gamers had to buy the titles again. However, the decision is still up to Square Enix at the end of the day as to whether gamers will have to buy the titles separately.

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