Antonline Xbox Series X Restock Sells in $844.95 Bundles | Worth It?
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Antonline Xbox Series X restock came out selling bundles at $844.95 which is quite a steep price but since it's a bundle, gamers have to discern whether or not it's really worth it. The problem with today's supply is that scalpers are buying out any available stock online and selling them at higher prices.

Xbox Series X Restock Online

With scalpers running loose and buying up any available Xbox Series X online stock and selling them at higher prices, things have been hard for the average buyer. The best bet of the regular buyer, however, is to follow an Xbox Series X restock tracker that would notify them whenever new Xbox Series X stock online pops up.

An Xbox Series X restock twitter account, Wario64, announced that there was an Antonline Xbox Series X restock online. The only problem, however, is that despite being a restock, it was a full bundle.

Although bundles generally aren't that bad if they come with things that gamers might really need, the problem would be if the bundle gave out games that players might just not want in the first place. This seems to be an issue as the replies to the tweet complained about what the bundle included.

Antonline Xbox Series X Bundle:

  • Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console

  • 2 Controller Black

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Series

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 3 Month Membership (to be email delivered)

  • "Forza Horizon" 4 Xbox One

  • "Immortals Fenyx Rising" Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, & Xbox One (to be email delivered)

The bundle did come out with some of the more specific points that can be seen on the post by Wario64. Gamers might not really notice anything new and this is because there isn't really anything new except the combination of the bundle itself. The big question is whether the Antonline Xbox Series X bundle is really worth it.

  • Xbox Series X specs - 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

  • Xbox One X Enhanced

  • Includes Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Controller

  • Email Delivery Code for Game Pass & Immortal Fenyx Rising

  • Forza Horizon 4 Game Included

One of the most iconic replies that the post had on Twitter was from a user noting "Forza" is actually free with GamePass. An article by GamePressure confirms this as the game is notably free for GamePass. The article also notes that gamers will still be getting a 14-day free trial on GamePass when they sign up.

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Xbox Series X Price

The thread mostly contained disgruntled buyers with some noting they wish they could just cancel. Some buyers wanted to cancel despite the hardship involved when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X console online

This just goes to show how unhappy some buyers were with the console bundle. An article by TomsGuide notes that the official Xbox Series X SRP should be at just $499. The problem with today is that it is very rare to find consoles at that price.

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