Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Can You Order Within 3 Seconds?
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Can You Order Within 3 Seconds?

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock just dropped and although this seems like good news, it seems that gamers and potential buyers weren't effective in purchasing the console at all. Could the buyers be able to purchase the console in just less than 3 seconds?

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

The thing about buying an Xbox Series X online stock these days is that it is extremely difficult. Not only are scalpers making the situation harder but the global chip shortage has made the Xbox Series X available stock even more scarce.

While the restock was supposed to be a good thing when it was announced by a particular Xbox Series X restock tracker, it was met by ire as most of those following were not able to put in their orders. An Xbox Series X restock twitter account tweeted out new stock has hit Microsoft Store.

Xbox Series X Online Stock

Although this type of news is usually met with positivity, the news wasn't that well received by the masses as people started complaining. According to complaints, the online stock was only available for less than three seconds before disappearing. The furthest some buyers were able to go was to add the console to cart only for the stock to disappear in the end.

Technically, there are three responses that buyers could get and not all of them are exactly positive. The first would be that they have finally purchased the console after they added it to their carts. The second would be for the console to disappear once checking out of their carts. The last would be to get a pending in which buyers are encouraged to wait for about an hour.

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No Guarantees for Xbox Series X

Although these are still not solid guarantees, at least they shed a little positive light to the otherwise frustrating Xbox Series X stock situation. Due to bots being able to purchase the console, it has become harder and harder for honest buyers to get themselves a console directly from online retailers or from the Microsoft Store themselves.

Basically, bots are already watching the website and within a nanosecond of when a new order appears, these bots are able to move quickly and either put down an order or alert the scalper and help them purchase the console. To level the playing field, it is important to follow Xbox Series X twitter accounts that also give notifications of when new stock is available the moment it hits online retailers or even the official Microsoft Store.

With the global semiconductor shortage not yet being remedied, the console is expected to remain problematic when it comes to stock up until next year. Gamers will struggle when it comes to purchasing the Xbox Series X. The supply problem is now expected to continue even until next year so there's no accurate date as to when the console shortage would finally be fixed.

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