Apple Beats Studio Buds is the AirPods for Android | Price, Specs, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From BeatsbyDre Website) Apple Beats Studio Buds is the AirPods for Android | Price, Specs, and More

Apple Beats Studio Buds is sort of like Apple AirPods but for Android. It seems like Apple is now opening up to selling products to non-Apple users. The question is, will the Apple Beats Studio Buds be enough to satisfy users? Is it priced fairly?

Apple Studio Buds Wireless Earphones

According to Bloomberg, Apple has just announced its $149.99 Studio Buds wireless earphones. This will be the company's latest addition to its popular Beats headphones line and is supposedly a strong signal for how Apple divides itself into two different competing personal-audio brands.

The Studio Buds are more affordable as well as compatible in comparison to Apple's still popular AirPods line. The Studio Buds charge through a more universal USB-C connector instead of Apple's very own proprietary Lightning and it also has its very own dedicated Android app.

Beats Studio Buds Comes with Android App

The Android app and universal USB-C connector makes the device friendlier to users outside of the company's device ecosystem. This is where the AirPods line looks tailored to enhance and even complement along with Apple's own iPhones, Macs and iPads, Beats products are also pitched at the much wider market along with somewhat of a more device-agnostic approach.

Apple has also tried to make the AirPods a more predium product by adding the pricey AirPods Max over-ear headphones at the very top of its range as well as sound enhancements just like Spatial Audio in order to differentiate its own products. Shares have jumped as high as 2% on Monday in New York up to $129.88 which is the highest intraday value ever since May 7, 2021.

Beats Studio Buds with Spatial Audio

The Beats Studio Buds actually include the whole Spatial Audio capability along with Apple gear. They also allow Android users to be able to see exactly how much battery charge every single earbud as well as the accompanying carry case still have. The controls can also be easily customized to include Google Assist.

The somewhat minimalist design of the popular Studio Buds marks a huge change for Apple since its wireless earbuds have either had a stem protruding at the bottom, or over-the ear hooks to help hold them. Bloomberg News tested the devices and the contoured shape as well as the light weight of the buds had actually made them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

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Where to Buy Beats Studio Buds Online

The devices offer a noise canceling option, which is not that hugely effective in comparison to the loud traffic noise across the street but it does help to improve total user experience. The Battery life is also rated at a significant 8 hours on just a single charge along with the noise cancelling turned off. 

The Beats Studio Buds will officially start shipping on June 24. Click here to order the Beats Studio Buds from Apple online.

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