Google Pixel 6 - Wireless Charging
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Google Pixel 6 is going to launch in a matter of months, and Google might given users a new feature: a wireless charging stand!

From the recent leaks that Google Pixel 6 have, the new installment to the franchise seems highly unique from its predecessors. To ensure that Pixel 6 maintains its premium status, Google might release an accompanying second-generation Pixel Stand with cooling fans, hinting at a better charging speed.

Google Pixel 6 Wireless Charger

Google's new installment to the Pixel smartphones might have a wireless charging feature, and Pocket Now revealed that it goes by the codename "Luxuryliner."

There is a high chance that it would not be a vertical wireless charger. However, the online media outlet stated that the accessory might activate several interesting software features within the latest Google Pixel 6 phone.

The 2018 Pixel Stand

According to 9to5Google, Google released the Pixel Stand in 2018, featuring a 10W wireless charger. At the launch, it was the only Qi charger that could support 10W charging on the Pixel 3 series.

The first generation Pixel Stand could also hold a smartphone at a comfortable angle, targeted for desk viewing.

It can also be utilized as a digital frame for Google Photos, as well as a Pseudo-Smart Display featuring voice access to Google's version of Siri -- the Google Assistant.

As time passed, Google diligently updated the capabilities of Pixel Stand in unison with the Pixel smartphones.

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Google Pixel 6 - Latest Pixel Stand

Recently, the internet giant confirmed that they would release a new version of their Pixel Stand. It is a wireless charger made explicitly for Pixel phones, providing a better charging option for users.

They also reported that Google is allegedly planning to launch a successor shortly, and it could be the most potent launch ever. Based on Pocket Now's statements, the upcoming revamped version of the Pixel Stand might go hand-in-hand with the entire Google Pixel 6 series.

9to5Google also mentioned that the code said the utilization of cooling fans within the charger.

The cooling fans can only mean one thing: Google Pixel Stand will now feature more than 10W of wireless charging.

Cooling Fans

According to the report, the cooling fans can speed up, stop, or slow down, depending on various factors.

When a user states "Hey Google," the fans will automatically slow down so that the smartphone can understand the command better. The exact mechanism goes for other applications that utilize a smartphone's microphone.

Users can also manually adjust the charger's settings, which include Power Boost, Quiet, and Auto.

The previous Google Pixel Stand retails for $79 and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable type. However, Pocket Now mentioned that the new Google Pixel 6 wireless charger would most likely cost a little more than the 2018 Pixel Stand.

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