"Tekken" villain Kazuya Mishima is the latest DLC character to be added to the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" lineup. The announcement fans have been speculating about since February was made during the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021. 

The "Tekken" character is set to be the second to the last DLC character to be added to "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," according to IGN.  The final character is set to be announced at a later time. 

Tekken's First Character in Super Smash Bros. 

Kazuya Mishima
(Photo : Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Webpage)

The "Super Smash Bros." franchise has been around since 1999 but it's only this year that a "Tekken" character has been added to its list of fighters. 

Kazuya is the 81st playable character in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' as part of the game's second Fighters Pass. The Fighters Pass already includes other DLC characters such as Sephiroth from "Final Fantasy VII," Steve and Alex from "Minecraft," Min Min from "Arms," and Pyra and Mythra from "Xenoblade Chronicles 2."

Per The Verge, the Fighters Pass cost $29.99 for the complete roster of characters. Individual characters can be bought at $5.99 each. 

The first Fighters pass has five DLC characters, including Joker from "Persona 5," Terry Bogard from "The King of Fighters," Byleth from "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," Hero from "Dragon Quest," and Banjo and Kazooie from "Banjo-Kazooie."

Kazuya in the Tekken Universe

Kazuya Mishima is one of the main characters of the "Tekken" video game franchise. Although initially introduced as a protagonist in the series' first game, he has remained as one of the main antagonists since "Tekken 2." 

The son of Heihachi Mishima and his wife Mizumi, Kazuya is the father of much loved "Tekken" character Jin Kazama. He is also the grandson of Jinpachi Mishima, the half-brother of Lars Alexandersson, and the adoptive brother of Lee Chaolan.

Kazuya is known for his Mishima-style Karate in the franchise. It will be interesting for longtime "Tekken" fans to see which of his attacks and other moves will be adapted into the "Smash" game.

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The Last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

Kazuya Mishima Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
(Photo : Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Webpage)

Nintendo has always excited "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" fans with news and speculation about the DLC characters for the game. With Kazuya from "Tekken" now officially on its list of fighters as the penultimate character, fans are now wondering just who the final addition may be. 

There are currently 11 DLC characters in the game in addition to the 69 already on the main roster. Teams like Banjo and Kazooie, Rosalina and Luma from "Mario," and Pyra and Mythra are counted as single characters in the game. 

Fans have long speculated and even hoped that Sora from "Kingdom Hearts" will be added to the game, but that remains to be seen. Other fan guesses include Master Chief from "Halo" and Nintendo's own Waluigi.  

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