Facebook is set to launch its podcast tool, allowing both content creators and listeners to enjoy and share their favorite podcasts on the social media giant. It is set to launch in a limited capacity on June 22. 

The new feature will also give podcasts the choice to allow listeners to share clips of their favorite shows to increase reach and engagement. 

Facebook Podcasts: How It Works

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According to an email from Facebook to podcast hosts seen by The Verge, hosts can link up their show's RSS feed to their Facebook. Doing so will automatically generate news feed posts for every podcast episode published on Facebook. 

Podcasters can also remove their podcasts anytime they see fit. 

Only a limited number of podcasts have received the email from Facebook as of press time. Those who have been invited can simply log into Facebook on June 22 go to their page settings to opt in to the podcast feature.

Once the feature is launched, Facebook officially joins other tech companies that have ventured into podcasting, such as Apple and Spotify.

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Terms of Service

As is with every other feature and tool on Facebook, podcast creators need to agree to a set Terms of Service provided for by the company.

Key points that every podcaster should take note of are as follows:

Retention of Rights - Podcasters retain all right, title, and interest in and to their podcast content. However, the Terms of Service grants certain rights to Facebook, specifically involving license to product content. 

Eligibility - Facebook retains the right to determine which users are eligible for their service.

Right to Opt-Out - Podcasters can choose to opt-out of the podcast service at any time by clicking the opt-out option  

Facebook Ventures Deeper Into Audio

This podcast service serves as Facebook's latest step towards having more audio-focused features and initiatives on the social networking platform. 

Last April, the company announced multiple new audio features that can be used and enjoyed very soon. Per Apple Insider, Facebook aims to allow users to record, edit, and publish audio all within the app. Learning tools will be provided and include noise-cancelling and audio enhancement features.

These audio clips can be published in different formats, including a new format called Soundbites, which is meant for content such as poetry. 

Facebook also seeks to add more music and sound effects to their Sound Collection.

Competition for Clubhouse

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The past couple of months has seen the rise of Clubhouse, an audio-based social media app that lets users chat and share stories using their voice. In response to its growing popularity, Facebook announced one of its biggest upcoming audio-related features, which will be seen on chat app Messenger or in Facebook Groups. 

The Live Audio Room allows Facebook users to even monetize their content and even donate to content creators they prefer. 

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