Slack New Feature | Users Will Be Able to Schedule Messages - Here's How
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Slack New Feature | Users Will Be Able to Schedule Messages - Here's How

Slack new feature could help users out even more with scheduled messages. People who now operate group meetings or group chats know the struggle of having to log in just to send a message at a specific time. This, however, has now finally changed.

Slack Reveals Scheduled Message Roll-Out

Slack help center reveals a new feature for Slack users. The feature is said to be rolling out gradually and it now looks like Slack is officially acknowledging that it isn't always the right time to send messages to say a teammate or group.

This is the reason behind the scheduled message feature which is a pretty straightforward approach. Basically users type in their message and simply schedule it for a later time. Due to this being a gradual roll-out, according to the story by Android Headlines, following the previous feature rollouts, iOS users are more likely to get the feature first with Android users slowly following.

Slack Scheduled Messages for Mobile and Desktop

The feature will also be pushed to both the mobile as well as the desktop versions of Slack. Since there is still no indication as to when the roll-out will be completed, it might be good to check the app every once in a while.

For those that might need the feature right away, make sure to check the status update of the app. If the app is updated, it might already be in line to get the new Slack scheduled messages feature.

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How to Send Slack Scheduled Message

For those that already have the feature in hand and want to use it, the process is very simple. However, it may differ when it comes to the mobile and the desktop version of Slack.

Slack Scheduled Message Mobile

For mobile users, just go to the Home tab and start composing the message right away. Users can also go to the group and start writing the message from there. Users will then need to tap the send icon. This will most likely point users to select a specific time in which they want the message to be posted. Users will then have to confirm the time that they wish to send the message.

Slack Scheduled Message Desktop

The scheduling message feature on desktop is quite different but not really too far off. Users will start by composing a message coming from their home screen or once again in the group that they want to send the message to. However, instead of directly clicking the send button, users will have to click the caret located on the right of it. This will allow users to choose which time they want the message to be sent.

Slack, as of the moment, is quite ahead of the curve within its market. The company is popularly competing with other services just like Asana or Telegram. While the update is currently being rolled-out. Users can check every once in a while to see if they already have the new Slack scheduled messages feature.

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