Walmart Xbox Series X Restock | New Tip: Expected Stock to Roll Out in Waves
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Walmart Xbox Series X Restock | New Tip: Expected Stock to Roll Out in Waves

Walmart Xbox Series X restock has just landed and there's a new tip that could help games understand how the online retailer rolls out. Basically, different online retailers have different styles in rolling out the console.

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock Online

While other online retailers might use the raffle method, online retailers like Walmart, like to roll out the Xbox Series X online stock in waves. This means the console is sold in batches. For buyers that have missed the first wave of console stock, not to worry! There is still a possibility that the buyer can catch the next stock.

We at TechTimes suggest that gamers keep a close eye whenever there is an Xbox Series X restock especially on Walmart. Since the console rolls out in batches, gamers should keep an eye on the site to see if the new stock has arrived. Although this might keep gamers occupied, it is a great way to increase their chances to purchase the console.

How to Buy the Xbox Series X Online

In order to increase chances of buying the console online, it is important to have notifications. Although there might be paid services that provide notifications, there are actually Xbox Series X restock trackers on Twitter that give notifications absolutely free of charge.

Make sure to follow reliable Xbox Series X twitter accounts since other accounts might actually just be pedling overpriced consoles. The news that Walmart sells the Xbox Series X in batches was actually also announced by a certain Xbox Series X tracker Twitter account. The notification states that the console is going to be released in batches. This means gamers will have to try their luck and check the website every once in a while.

Scalpers are Using Bots to Buy the Console

Scalpers have definitely made buying the console much harder. The problem that gamers have nowadays is not just other gamers but bots themselves. Scalpers make use of bots to automatically put in orders for the Xbox Series X. This usually leaves regular buyers with no more stock left.

Scalpers usually buy out the stocks and sell them at higher prices. When scalpers buy out the consoles online, gamers are left with two options, either purchase the console from these scalpers at much higher prices or wait for the next restock.

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Xbox Series X Bundles vs. Scalpers

Another problem, however, has slowly been rising. The console is now frequently being sold in bundles that some gamers don't agree with. This means the bundle contains certain games or other inclusions which gamers do not think that they need. Bundles can also be very expensive.

A number of gamers have suggested looking for a scalper selling the Xbox Series X at a decent price instead of dealing with bundles being sold online. It is important to check the price of the console before purchasing it. Another advice when it comes to buying the Xbox Series X restock online is to make sure to log in to the online retailer even before the stock drops to automatically check out.

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