Target PS5 Restock Selling
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Walmart PS5 restock is now selling limited digital versions. However, the stock has already gone and gamers are now frustrated as the time given to them was not the time of the launch. Although gamers just had to wait for 10 minutes, some of them didn't know that waiting could increase their chances. Could this be a new anti-bot technique?

Walmart PS5 Restock Online

Gamers were given the announcement that there would be a new Walmart PS5 restock that would only be selling the digital version of the console. Basically, the new Walmart PS5 restock was announced to launch at 3:00PM. While gamers were prepared to go in and buy the PlayStation 5, the add to cart option wasn't available.

Some gamers' instinct was that the stock was sold out which prompted them to leave the site altogether. However, a few gamers decided to wait for 10 minutes until 3:10. By waiting for just 10 minutes, the PS5 online stock magically became available and gamers were able to purchase it online.

PS5 Restock Online VS Scalpers

The PS5 stock online, however, did launch at 3:00PM but was then instantly bought out by scalpers using bots to purchase the console. After the first wave was sold out, the next wave gave a little more success to a few gamers that were able to purchase the console during the second wave!

The conversation and discussion happened on a thread of a PS5 restock tracker on Twitter that gave the news of a new Walmart PS5 restock. The stock, however, was still instantly sold out as more and more gamers have been trying to purchase the console. Online. Although some gamers were successful in purchasing the new PlayStation 5, others striked with no luck once again.

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PS5 Restock, Xbox Series X Restock, GPU Restock

Scalpers have been making buying the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, and even some GPUs extremely difficult. Due to them using bots, the scalpers are able to automatically place an order in less than a second which is unfair when compared to regular buyers.

Scalpers, however, are only capable of doing this due to the global chip shortage. Due to the lack of supply of chips, consoles and other electronics are affected as well. The limited supply and the saturated demand has created a market wherein scalpers swoop in, buy the console, then sell them at higher prices.

Sadly, even Sony acknowledges that the PlayStation 5 shortage will last well into next year. It might be some time before gamers actually see the supply of these consoles normalize and buying the new PS5 or Xbox Series X would not be as hard as competing with scalpers online. As of the moment, however, gamers' best hope is to follow restock trackers online and move as fast as possible in order to purchase the consoles from online retailers.

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