A weird malware is currently confusing some security experts and researchers. The reason behind this is that this new computer virus seems to have no interest in hacking your device. 

Weird Malware Blocks You From Accessing Piracy Sites Instead Of Hacking Device: Here's How Oddball Works
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Instead, the new Oddball malware blocks explicitly you from accessing piracy websites. Based on its process, some researchers claimed that this could even be a good malware since it can stop people from downloading or viewing paid content for free. 

As of the moment, piracy is still an issue since it can prevent the original creators of new songs, movies, apps, and other things from raising incomes. But, there's a chance that this new malware could somehow help solve this problem. 

Specifically, involved security researchers confirmed that the new Oddball computer virus blocks infected computers from visiting these illegal websites. However, they did not confirm if the malware can also prevent clean devices. 

Weird Malware Oddball's Details 

As of the moment, many hacking groups are developing malware and ransomware that could allow them to breach companies' systems. These include the new ransomware targeting iConstituent, as well as the REvil's malware

Weird Malware Blocks You From Accessing Piracy Sites Instead Of Hacking Device: Here's How Oddball Works

(Photo : Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

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But, the new Oddball is not like these computer viruses. According to Threat Post's latest report, the new malware modifies the HOSTS file on the infected system.

Security experts explained that this method is quite efficient since it can stop the device from access a certain web address, which is the main goal of Oddball. 

However, many techie users can easily prevent the malware's effect since it has no persistence mechanism. 

"This seems to be a fresh trick on an old attack of compromising people attempting to download pirated software and media," explained Netenrich's Threat Intelligence Advisor John Bambenek. 

"In this case though, it seems to be an individual or group trying to protect intellectual property, but make no mistake, this is still clearly criminal behavior," added the security expert.  

Should Oddball Scare You? 

Security Magazine reported that piracy websites can contain malicious files that can steal your passwords and other sensitive details. 

Joseph Carson, chief security scientist, and Advisory CISO at ThycoticCentrify explained that various cybercriminals and other hackers usually create piracy sites. This is also the reason why it is highly suggested to avoid these addresses. 

On the other hand, Oddball could be pretty helpful since once it infects your device, you will have a hard time accessing these illegal sites. 

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