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Nintendo Escalates Fight Against Piracy, Files Lawsuit Against 2 Major ROM Websites

Nintendo filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against LoveROMs and LoveRETRO, which are major online sources for ROMs of games for classic Nintendo consoles such as the NES and SNES. The legal action follows Nintendo's attempt to curb Nintendo Switch piracy.

Video Games July 23, 2018

Nintendo Is Now Banning Hackers: The Switch Piracy War Has Officially Begun

Nintendo uses a new, comprehensive matching system to check whether a Switch user is playing legitimate or pirated games. If the titles are pirated, the user will get banned from using online features.

Video Games June 26, 2018

Hackers Finally Crack 'Assassin's Creed: Origins': Will Ubisoft Remove The Controversial Anti-Piracy Measures?

Pirates finally cracked 'Assassin's Creed: Origins', which was involved in a controversy as its anti-piracy measures allegedly resulted in extreme CPU usage. Will Ubisoft finally remove the piracy protection technology?

Video Games February 4, 2018

PlayStation 4 Hack Enables Homebrew, Piracy, And PlayStation 2 Emulation, But Of Course There's A Catch

Hackers have finally been able to unlock the PlayStation 4 hardware through a firmware exploit, enabling homebrew apps, pirated games, and PlayStation 2 emulation. However, there is a huge catch on which consoles the hack will work.

Video Games January 24, 2018

'Assassin's Creed: Origins' CPU Usage Problem Not Caused By Anti-Piracy Measures, Ubisoft Says

PC players have complained of 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' CPU usage going as high as 100 percent. The problem has been attributed to the game's anti-piracy measures, but Ubisoft has denied the allegations.

Video Games November 4, 2017

Devs Give Away A Torrent Link For ‘Darkwood’ Because They Know Not All Players Are Rich

Video game developers do everything to make sure players don’t pirate their games. But Acid Wizard Studio, the team behind horror-survival title 'Darkwood,' decided to give the game away for free via a torrent link.

Video Games August 28, 2017

Digital Pirates Hold 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Hostage: Will Disney Pay The Ransom?

Digital pirates are holding a stolen copy of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' as hostage. If Disney does not pay the ransom, the hackers will release the fifth film in the franchise online.

Movies/TV Shows May 16, 2017

Google, Microsoft Agree To Crack Down On Piracy Sites In UK Search Results

Google and Microsoft will remove links leading to pirated content in the first page of search results in the United Kingdom. The agreement has been agreed upon after years of campaigning by the creative industry.

Internet February 20, 2017

Don't Expect Leaked Footage To Come Out Of San Diego Comic-Con This Year

'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn implies that San Diego Comic-Con will be using new methods to prevent exclusive footage from hitting the web.

Movies/TV Shows July 11, 2016

Oculus Rift Anti-Piracy Update Actually Makes Piracy Easier

Although Oculus Rift released a patch for its VR headset designed to prevent game piracy, the update actually opened up a new security flaw that now makes piracy even easier.

Video Games May 23, 2016

Getty Images Files Complaint To EU, Accuses Google Of Encouraging Photography Piracy

Getty Images filed a complaint to the European Union’s antitrust commission against Google. Getty argues that Google is encouraging photo piracy and damages the company’s licensing business.

Google April 28, 2016

Coalition Of Artists, Music Groups Call For US Congress To Reform Digital Millenium Copyright Act

A coalition that includes the Recording Industry Association of America is clamoring for reforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The law is said to be 'obsolete, dysfunctional and harmful,' as it has not been able to control the spread of pirated content online.

Legal April 4, 2016

'Hannibal' Producer Blames Piracy For The Series' Cancellation

Last year, NBC decided to cancel 'Hannibal' after three seasons, much to the chagrin of the show's fans. Producer Martha De Laurentiis spoke up about what she thinks lies behind the show's demise: online piracy.

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2016

Scientists Discover How To Copy 3D-Printed Models With Impressive Accuracy

3D printers make acoustic sounds during action. These acoustic sounds can be recorded on any recording device, including smartphones, and reverse engineered to re-create accurate 3D-printed models.

March 7, 2016

'Game Of Thrones': HBO Won't Send Any Season 6 Episodes To Press After Online Piracy Leak Fiasco

HBO will not provide advance screeners for season 6 of its most-watched series, 'Game of Thrones' to the media for review. The move comes after a massive torrent leak last year of season 5 episodes believed to emanate from a media source.

Internet March 3, 2016

57 Million Americans Are Downloading Music Illegally: Study

Despite the notion that music streaming has led to a reduction in online music piracy, the practice appears to remain widespread. A new report indicates about 57 million Americans are downloading music illegally using various methods.

Internet February 29, 2016

Kickass Torrents Turns Into Netflix Of Torrents, Lets You Stream Content Online For Free

Kickass Torrents has implemented the technology of Torrents Time on its website, allowing users to stream torrent videos on a browser. As a result, it has become the Netflix of torrents.

Internet February 10, 2016

Torrent Streaming Plugin Torrents Time Receives Cease-And-Desist Letter From Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Just Days After Launch

Torrents Time just entered the piracy and streaming scene, but it already received a cease-and-desist letter. The anti-piracy group BREIN says that the browser plug-in is an 'illegal application,' according to the law in Netherlands.

Legal February 9, 2016

Game Pirate Group 3DM Suspends Cracking Activities For One Year

China-based cracking group 3DM said that it is suspending piracy activities for at least one year. According to the group, however, the reason is not connected with its frustration with anti-piracy measures being implemented on games such as 'Just Cause 3.’

Video Games February 8, 2016

Browser Plug-In Torrents-Time Turns The Pirate Bay Into World’s Largest Streaming Website

Torrents-Time made The Pirate Bay into the largest streaming website in the world. The browser plug-in allows users to stream a torrent video file on the website without the need for a client to download them.

Apps/Software February 8, 2016

Top 10 Most Common Digital Piracy Myths Busted: Who’s Pirating What And Why?

Piracy has been quite a topic for years now, and a lot of myths have been spreading on the Internet. Here are 10 of the most common ones.

Internet January 5, 2016

Catching These Notorious Movie Pirates Was As Easy As Finding Their Facebook Profiles

According to a recent report, catching three of the UK's most notorious movie pirates was as simple as using their usernames to find their Facebook profiles.

Legal December 28, 2015

Pirate Bay Founder Builds Kopimashin Ultimate Piracy Tool Using Raspberry Pi

Peter Sunde, one of the founders of Pirate Bay, has produced the ultimate copying machine with a Raspberry Pi, an LCD display and Python codes, aptly naming it Kopimashin.

Internet December 21, 2015

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is The Most Pirated Game Online: Study

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is deemed as the most pirated game on the Internet, according to a report. Here is a list of other popular games and software that have been illegally downloaded by people.

Apps/Software December 20, 2015

MPAA Surprisingly Drops Bug Bounty Program For Pirate Catchers, Loosens Up Anti-Piracy Policies A Bit

The MPAA changes up its anti-piracy policy, making several slight changes throughout the document. The organization has apparently discontinued the Take Action Award and no longer encourages theater managers to alert authorities.

Business December 2, 2015

Google Asked To Take Down 2 Million Piracy Links Every Day

In a bid against piracy, copyright holders have been flooding Google with 65 million takedown requests a month, which equals to two million a day or 1,500 per minute.

Legal November 27, 2015

The Pirate Bay Goes Down Again As It Awaits Fate To Be Decided By A Swedish Court

Is it the end for The Pirate Bay in Sweden? The torrent website shuts down for the second time this week while the Stockholm District Court decides on its fate in the country.

Internet October 25, 2015

15-Year-Old Creates Browser Popcorn To Let Pirates Stream Bootlegged Content Straight From Their Web Browser

A teenager from Serbia created a forked Popcorn Time web client that allows pirates to stream copyrighted material straight from their web browser. Browser Popcorn is the second browser-based version of Popcorn Time, following the shutdown of the first version.

Internet October 20, 2015

The Business Of Music-Streaming Services: How Deals With Record Labels And Publishers Are Made

Music-streaming services could be the industry’s best solution to get consumers to start paying for music again after the Napster revolution caused a rise in illegal downloads. While consumers are on board, some musicians have spoken up against being unfairly compensated. Here’s how the business deals work between music streaming platforms and those who own the licensing rights.

Deals September 10, 2015

Facebook Has A Video Piracy Problem

Facebook is taking steps to address the re-uploading of unoriginal content on its network.

Legal August 31, 2015

Better Late Than Never: Facebook To Deploy New Tool To Combat Video Piracy

Facebook steps up efforts to prohibit distribution controlled video content to put an end to people uploading viral videos and presenting them as their own.

Internet August 28, 2015

Windows 10 Can Detect And Disable Pirated Games On Your Computer

According to the new Microsoft Services Agreement, all Windows users who upgrade to Windows 10 agree to allow Microsoft to scan their computers for and disable pirated software and illegal hardware.

Geek August 17, 2015

Popcorn Time Hits 1 Million Downloads On Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

Developers say it is the only iOS app that has succeeded in bypassing Apple's security restrictions, but what happens if Apple issues an update to block it out again?

Apps/Software June 26, 2015

Pirates Gang Up On Netflix' 'Orange Is The New Black'

Netfix struggles with 'Orange is The New Black' pirates.

Internet Culture June 16, 2015

The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Finale Breaks Piracy Record

The Season 5 finale of 'Game of Thrones' aired Sunday night on HBO. However, it looks like plenty of people had other methods of watching the show.

Internet June 15, 2015

Warner Bros. Charges Downloader $20 For Pirated Episode Of 'Friends'

Warners Bros. has determined that episode 5 of season 2 of the hit comedy series 'Friends' is worth $20. That's exactly what it charged an individual who illegally downloaded the episode.

Internet June 12, 2015

The 'Supergirl' Pilot Has Already Leaked Online

CBS' highly anticipated new show 'Supergirl' isn't supposed to premiere for another five months. However, the pilot has appeared to have been leaked early online.

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2015

Got Google Fiber And Downloaded Illegal Content? You Might Be Receiving Notice For Piracy Fines

Google Fiber is sending out copyright infringement notices to subscribers. The notices also serve as automated fines and propose that subscribers make settlements that range from $20 to $300.

Internet May 21, 2015

Popcorn Time Lets You Stream Torrents In Your Browser: Let's Go Pirates!

Pirates will have a grand time streaming all the unpaid-for content they can. That is, until authorities take it down.

Internet May 20, 2015

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer Only Applies To Users Of Genuine Software (Pirates, Please Excuse)

While previously, it was thought that Windows 10 would be offered for free to everyone, Microsoft has clarified, saying that non-genuine owners of Windows will not receive a free upgrade.

Apps/Software May 18, 2015

New PlayStation 4 Hack Allows Users To Play Pirated Games On Their Consoles

Brazilians have a new way to hack the PlayStation 4, allowing for users to install pirated games on their systems. The hack is also simple and only requires a Raspberry Pi.

Movies/TV Shows May 17, 2015

Microsoft: Sorry Pirates, No Free Windows 10 Upgrade For You

Microsoft backtracks on an earlier statement it made about making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade even for non-genuine devices.

Computers May 17, 2015

HBO Strikes Back At Downloaders Of Leaked 'Game Of Thrones' Episodes From Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents And Other File Sharing Sites

HBO is striking back at the millions of file sharers who downloaded the show on websites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. The first four episodes leaked online.

Internet April 20, 2015

Developer Gives HBO Math Equations To Bust 'Game Of Thrones' Pirates

Following the leak of 'Game of Thrones' Season 5's first four episodes, developer Bruno Cauet has delivered a mathematical equation that would have allowed HBO to track down the pirates.

Movies/TV Shows April 14, 2015

Twitter Wants To Shut Down Your Periscope Account If You Live Streamed 'Game Of Thrones'

Twitter spots Periscope users live streaming the season five premier of 'Game of Thrones' and threatens to close infringing accounts. The Periscope piracy comes shortly after the first four episodes of the season leaked online.

Internet April 14, 2015

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