Amazon Prime Day Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones Discount Up to 60% Off!
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Amazon Prime Day Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones Discount Up to 60% Off!

Amazon Prime Day is upon us and one of the sweetest entries in this round of discounts are the different Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones being sold up to %60 off! For those that have been a fan of Sony music wear, it might be a good idea to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day sale.

Sony Products Amazon Prime Day Sale

A tweet by Spiel Times notified of the different Sony Headphones being sold from wireless to the classic headphones that a lot of people are already comfortable with. There are four different Sony products being sold at discounts. 

Sony WF-1000XM3

  • Selling at $102 off

  • These wireless headphones come with a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

  • The phones can last up to 24 hours with a battery case which makes it really convenient for those traveling.

  • The wireless headphones only need 10 minutes of quick charging to get a 90 minute play time.

Sony WH-1000XM4

  • Selling at $102 off

  • This next-level headphones is packed with noise cancelling as well as dual noise sensor technology. 

  • The headphones can last up to 30 hours needing just 10 minutes to get a 5 hour playback time.

  • The speak-to-chat technology also helps reduce volume whenever having conversations.

Sony WHCH710N

  • Selling at $122 off

  • The device is said to last up to 35 hours and can be used with quick charging. 

  • Users will also be able to hear more detail within the 30 millimeter driver units.

  • Users can also easily use the headphones with hands-free calls and voice assistant.

Sony WHXB900N

  • Selling at $130 off

  • For those into HipHop, this could be the perfect headphones to use due to its extra bass.

  • The device can also last up to 30 hours.

  • Users can easily activate Alexa, Google Assistant, or other voice assistants with just a simple touch.

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Amazon Prime Day Sale Limitations and Inclusions

There are still tons of other gadgets up for sale during the ongoing Amazon Prime Day. For those that might want to avail the many discounts, it would be better to place orders right away.

Amazon Prime Day, like always, has more than just electronics for sale. It is important to note, however, that not everything is for sale and buyers still have to scout for the products they might want.

Prime Day usually includes a wide range of products from all sorts of categories. Games, computer products, and consoles are also for sale but they are still limited. Although it would be nice to have a PS5 Prime Day sale or Xbox Series X Prime Day sale, there is still no announcement when the new restock should hit the online retailer.

For those in the market for new GPUs, sadly, there is no update of higher powered GPUs being sold at their SRP. Although there might be some stock available, they are not being sold at their actual price and come from scalpers reselling at a higher markup than the original market price.

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